Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

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I thought I might round up a few ideas for Brunch for those of you planning a little Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday.

We are having my Mother in Law over for brunch so hopefully a few of these recipes go over well.

{Spinach and Gruyere Strata}

I made this for Easter and it was really delicious. My husband is not a fan of either spinach or stinky cheeses and he really liked this dish.

{Customizable Bread Bowl Eggs} 

This might be better for smaller groups but let people choose the filling and then bake away!

{Baked Spinach Bread Bowls} 

I have made these a few times and they are really delicious!

{Spiced Bacon Twists} 

A little fancier way to serve bacon.

{Stuffed French Toast Cupcakes}

These are a little more complicated but just a simple cobbler could be served in these little reusable cupcake liners.  I am going to do something similar with just fresh fruit and a tiny bit of whip cream on top.

{Skillet Fruit Cake}

I made this not too long ago and it was simple and really delicious.  I don’t have a skillet so I just used a pie plate to bake it.

{Lightened up version of Monkey Bread}

And the adorable Best Mom printable pictured at the top can be downloaded in several color choices and printed for free from A Profittable Life.

{Cheese and Onion Salad with Creamy Dressing} 


{Photo Credit: Party}

And here is an idea for a simple table setting.  I love the tiny little vases with tulips.  You can actually get the Starbucks Frappucino bottles that are sold in a 4pk for about $4.00 and peel the label off and tuck flowers inside for a super simple presentation.

(If you decide to do that, the Archer Farms version of those drinks at Target has a label that is way easier to remove.)

{Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty}

I love Mason jars for flowers too and this would be a really sweet idea for Mother’s day.

And personally I like to serve prosecco, orange juice and coffee.

You could give the iced coffee recipe a try!

And you can head over here if you need a few last minute simple Mother’s Day gift ideas.




  1. Charlene says

    Oh good heavens Pamela, I am not making all that :P. Just a few of them. 😉

  2. Julie Schmidt says

    I LOVE that best Mom printable. Thank you so much for finding that. I bought 4 8 by 10 frames for another project and they’re too small so I think I’ll used 2 & print 2 of those for the Grandmas. Do you think I can print for myself, frame it and tell my kids to give it to me for Mothers Day? :)

  3. Charlene says


    I thought that was really cute too :). Why don’t we just say it was a gift from me to you and then you can just call it an easy day.

  4. lynn says

    Hi there,

    I made your Spinach and Gruyere Strata last mother’s day brunch and I would like to make it again for Christmas morning. For some reason the “link” under the picture on your page for the recipe is not a link anymore. Could you email me the recipe? It is delicious!

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