Free Printable: Last Day of School Sign

Those of you with little ones might be interested in this free printable card that you can use for the Last Day of School photos.

I think this is adorable and a very cute way to jazz up your pictures.

My little girl is graduating preschool and moving on to Kindergarten next year so I have this little sign all printed and ready.   We did a little practice run this morning but you might want to take your photos at the bus stop or by the front door of school or even with a teacher.

You can print the sign in pink, purple, green, pink or blue courtesy of Chickabug blog.

I ordered mine from Staples super late Saturday and it was ready to pick up at 6am the next day!  The price was $.56 per page.


Here are a few other ideas:

Create a large Welcome to Summer Banner and put it on the front door for the kids to run through after school.  You could just use the backside of inexpensive wrapping paper to do this.

One last little idea is to create a page in a photobook with some details about your kiddo at this age.

You can also make really cute little cards to send out to friends and family members.

I designed this one really quickly and you can get these little 4×8 cards printed for $.47 each from See Here right now.

Just use coupon code: cards-48 at checkout and your shipping will be $1.49.

You can see some last minute Teacher Appreciation Gifts for the end of the school year here.





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