Costco Deals and Price List


So as I mentioned a few days ago, I thought I’d start an attempt at an ongoing Costco price list.

This is some of the items that I feel are a great deal at Costco.  I also included some popular items that are not such a great deal but I thought a price comparison might be a nice thing (for example the Uncrustables.)

Since Costco sells bulk items, I tried to simplify by breaking things down to a price comparison for the sizes you would see in the grocery store.  I find it is much easier for me to understand if a 10ct box of waffles is a good deal then just looking at the price of a 60ct box of waffles.  I hope this is helpful for you as well.

These are all prices from my Costco store so I can’t guarantee that you will find the same deals at your store.  Many of these items seem to stay pretty consistent but I will do my best to keep things updated and to continue to add more things.

You can click below to see the price list or you can head over here to see the Costco Coupon Deals running through 5/6 only.

To find this list in the future, you can simply click on “Stores” on the orange navigation bar on the top right of the blog and then click “Costco” or you can just bookmark the Costco Deals page.



Please feel free to share any other great deals you spotted recently in the comments below.


  1. Dee says

    Katie Ricotta is right about the dog food. I feed my dogs the dry Kirkland weight control…$25 for 40 lbs. It is very high quality (the batches in my store in CT were not on the recall list) and you can’t beat the price, even with sales and coupons. Now Costco has a Kirkland version of Frontline … $10 for 3 doses. That is an AMAZING price.

    BTW – Thanks, Charlene, for starting this list. You are the best.

  2. Sharon says

    Let me chime in with my thanks also. I tend to only shop at Costco, Trader Joe’s and Amazon, so it’s nice to see a list of good deals at Costco.

  3. Sara says

    Awesome awesome awesome!! I never realized how much of a good deal some things at Costco are! Also, Costco is amazing at customer service and will take a return for almost everything…my grandma just returned her 2 year old microwave that broke, and they took it back, no questions asked!!

    I’m so glad you have compiled this list…sometimes a not-so-great price is a deal for someone else. For example, is it worth it (to me) to spend an extra couple $$ on my entire shopping bill so that I don’t have to drag my 2 young kids to another store? Absolutely. I coupon religiously, but sometimes I spend a little more and sacrifice a little money for the sake of my kiddos. After all, I do love being a momma more than money or coupons :) Thanks for all you do!!

  4. Charlene says

    I am not aware of an ad from them. They have the coupon booklets and they also have road shows with select items. That is different for every store. My store has Blendtec blenders coming on the next road show.

  5. evelyne messer says

    please give me the price of your kirkland clover honey (5 pounds)

  6. Danielle G. says

    Is there a coupon policy anywhere for Costco? I have never seen one… I have been told by another couponer that I can use multiple coupons on a multi-pack of a product. For example, I could use 3 coupons on a 3-pack of deodorant. Anyone have any more information about this? That would be a great way to increase savings, but I don’t want to look like an idiot at the register!

  7. Charlene says


    Is it possible that person got confused with BJ’s clubs? Those are a different set of warehouse clubs and they do allow that type of transaction. I am pretty sure Costco does not. I suppose you could ask but I would be really surprised. :)

  8. Sara says

    I have asked at our local Costco, and they have always said “no manufacture coupons”. BJ’s does take them tho. Costco will only accept coupons from their coupon book they put out. BUT, if you look at the back of the coupons, all of the barcodes for all of the coupons are all the same. The cashier only has to scan 1 coupon, and it automatically activates every coupon in the book. There is no way that you could scan 3 coupons for the same product, because for each transaction, the cashier only scans 1 coupon, even if there are 10 items in the transaction that have coupons because they will all automatically get the coupon amount taken off. Hope that makes sense and helps!

  9. sara says

    How much is a big box of huggies baby wipes and big box of huggies dipars

  10. Donna says

    Hi Charlene, The regular price of the Harry’s Organic Creamy Tomato Basil soup is $8.99 at our Louisville, Ky store, making it $6.59 after this month’s coupon. Great price for really tasty soup

  11. Julia says

    Costco also has good deals on Tuna, which for an 8 pack of 7oz cans is around 16.56. That’s 0.42 per can if you compare to the supermarket prices. They also sell yeast by the tub, for 3.70 per lb. I don’t know how many bread loaves that makes, but I can guarantee at least a year. And the last thing that I buy from Costco every week is fruit. It’s SO important to feed your family fresh fruit, but they’re so costly at the supermarkets. Who wants to buy apples for 0.99 when you can buy a dozen for 7.77? Costco is a godsend for large families.

  12. Charlene says


    Yes I love the apples- they always have great deals on organic and the quality is so good. I wanted to mention you might like my new blog that features Costco Deals:

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