Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea


I mentioned a bunch of Teacher Appreciation gifts a few weeks ago.  I also wanted to pass along this little end of year basket we did for the teachers as well as a little project the girls did to pass out to their classmates.

We got the teachers a small teacher appreciation gift and we did little end of year gift baskets for them as well.  I think I am going to use this concept again for the holidays.  Back to School sales start in July/August and it can be a great time to pick up all sorts of craft items and school supplies for pennies on the dollar.  When they are assembled into a nice basket it can really make a thoughtful gift.

But for now I went with the summer survival theme for our teachers and included these little straw tote bags ($2.50 in the Dollar Spot at Target), a beach towel ($5 at Target), sunscreen, lip balm, lotion, a magazine, chocolate, a squirt gun and a bouncy ball.

These turned out really cute and since many of these items are on sale right now, it really wasn’t that expensive to put together.

I have also seen people include water bottles, fancy waters (like Voss or Izze or an old fashioned Root Beer), flip flops, sunglasses, snacks etc…

I really tried to find things that I knew anyone would be able to use so hopefully our teachers like these little gifts!


I also found this adorable free printable gift bag tag from Dixie Delights blog.  I thought it was such a cute idea and really easy to put together for the children to give to their classmates on the last day of school.

I purchased the bouncy balls from Target ($2.00 for 8 and there is a 20% off Spritz item Target coupon available right now- so $1.60 for 8 balls).

I already had some leftover clear treat bags and then I just copied the free printable labels to my computer and ordered copies online from Staples.  The price is $.50 per page and there are 4 tags in total on each page.

So about $7.00 to make 20 of these.  (The price on the balls might be even cheaper at the Dollar Store.)

My girls wrote their names on the back of the tags and then for a few of the children we included contact info to arrange playdates and such this summer.

So I know some of you are already on summer vacation but I wanted to pass along yet another idea!


  1. melissa says

    Cute, original, and practical idea! Gosh, I hadn’t even thought about an end of the year gift for my daughter’s teacher yet. Better get on that!


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