Vidalia Onion Coupon $.50 off 5lbs


I don’t see Vidalia onions as much here on the West Coast, but if you are a fan of these you can get a Vidalia Onion coupon today.

Personally, I think coupons for any produce is a great deal and I can’t remember seeing one for these before.

You can get $.50 off a 5lb bag of onions.  Just click coupons on the right to get the coupon.

And if you are wondering what to do with all those onions, I was just watching Trisha Yearwood talking about her new cooking show.  She mentioned this grilled Vidalia onion recipe with bacon and butter that sounded delicious!


  1. Elizabeth says

    Vidalia onions are so mild I just fry them in a pan with oil, sprinkle some garlic salt on them, and eat ’em straight!

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