Target: Mossimo Scoop Neck T’s $3.00

Starting Sunday we can get another great deal on women’s clothing at Target stores!

This week they had select Mossimo and Merona tanks on sale for $6.00 and starting Sunday, they have Mossimo scoop neck t’s on sale for $6.00.

You can use the $3.00 Target coupon for Mossimo to pay $3.00 per shirt!

I was just looking at these shirts this week and they were $12 at my store.  I thought they were really cute and $3.00 is a fantastic deal!

Remember the tanks are ending Saturday and the t shirts are starting on Sunday.  I suggest grabbing that coupon now!

See the Shop for Free list for Target here.


  1. Charlene says


    If you want the tank top then you need to print the coupon for $3 off Mossimo clothing from the link provided in the post. Go to Target and you will see display racks of Mossimo tank tops on sale for $6.00. This was in the weekly sales flyer so if you can’t find them just ask an employee. When you hit the register to pay the price will be $6 and you give them to coupon to pay $3.00.

    The tank top sale ends on Saturday when the store closes. If you would prefer a t-shirt just follow the same process except the sale runs from Sunday 22nd to Saturday 28th.

  2. Melissa Bennett says

    Another aggravating day at Target. I have found that if you get a young teenager at the register, you need to just get out of the line and go to another line. Or learn the cashiers that seem to know their job… These very same t’s were $8 at my store so I thought $5 wasn’t a bad price. The coupon didn’t work for no valid reason and the guy acted like I was trying to steal the t shirt. After 2 minutes of arguing I just said call the manager. Thankfully the mgr put it right through. I have had so many problems recently I think I will call corporate again… And, since I have 2 laptops, I think I will print the coupon and get some more tees. FYI, I think they run big.

  3. Charlene says


    You won’t be able to redeem a printed coupon online. There is no coupon code that I am aware of. I would lay all that information out if there was. You can check and see what the prices are on the shirts but there will be shipping fees unless you spend $50 or you have a Target red card.

  4. Naomi says

    That happened to me too.The coupon beeped for the mossimo tank.Cashier said it was invalid coupon.I had to show her the tank and that it was mossimo.She wasn’t rude she was actually patient:)Wow!I know! I wonder if there is something wrong with coupon.Going to try to print it from a different printer just in case.If it beeps again,then somethings not right.

  5. says

    I bought 3 of the camis today for $3 each (Mossimo) at Target. I needed new camis anyways, so this price is awesome! But it was funny because the cashier wouldn’t let me use more than 1 coupon per transaction. Normally, i don’t have a problem with this, so I didn’t even think about it (although I know that varies from store to store…). So, I told her to just take 2 camis off. Then we went back later and my husband & I each bought one with my remaining two coupons.

    What was most funny though was that she only stated this coupon rule for the apparel coupon, nothing else! I also used 2 Glade aerosol Target Qs, 2 Method Target Qs, 2 Tums Freshers Target Qs and she accepted all of those in one transaction!

    I’m willing to play the game, though, for $3 tanks! :)
    The t-shirts are cute, but I actually think I’m set on those for the summer. Now I need shorts…I have none! I’m hoping for some good deals soon! :)

  6. Dee says

    I had the same problem with the Mossimo coupon this week. The cashier supervisor said they aren’t allowed to override the register. The Merona coupon worked.

    I had such and up and down week at Target! Sheesh.

  7. Charlene says

    Really? I got 2 tanks and it worked fine for me. I got the extra long and lean ones. You can always just go to customer service if you have issues and sometimes they are more helpful then the regular cashiers.

  8. Stacy says

    I bought 2 Mossimo T’s and 1 tank today. The tank was $5.80 on clearance. All the coupons beeped (2 different transactions, 2 different Target) but they let me use them anyway. Thank you :)

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