Target: Free Beauty Bag

You can get a Free Beauty Bag from Target right now.

A lot of people were extremely upset that Target offered this on random receipts in store this last time around, so here is your chance to get one for free.

This is limited to 450,000 free bags and these usually have a few coupons and some small samples of various beauty products.  The bags are usually really nice little cosmetic bags so this is a great freebie.

The site is VERY, VERY overwhelmed right now so be patient and hopefully you get lucky.

Head over to facebook to get your Target Beauty Bag.

(Thanks Hey Its Free)


  1. karen says

    holy cow, got mine! and with a confirmation and everything. almost as bad as the target sample site. jumping through hoops. HOWEVER this one looks alot nicer than the target sample one too!

  2. Emmyph says

    thanks for the tip! This one takes a big of patience ladies- don’t press reload, just let it do its thing.

  3. Charleen says

    Got one! I took Emmyph’s advise above and waited it out. I finally got my confirmation. I was bummed when I wasn’t able to get this by receipt, especially after buying beauty products on numerous occasions at Target, and never got a code.

    Thanks Charlene!

  4. Carlye says

    I got mine! Took a LONG time. Patience is key! Just keep refreshing your page and it will happen! I took me about 30 minutes

  5. Katie says

    Thanks for the heads up! Got mine in about 5 minutes…made lunch while I waited. :)

  6. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for letting us know, I’m so happy I got one : ) I also scored the Tampax sample on Facebook today. Yay for free samples and coupons!

  7. Alison says

    What is the deal with FB?? It seems like so muc is offered through FB. I hate FB. I don’t use it – never will. Can you say time suck?

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