Target Deals & Ad 4/29

Here are the best Target deals I see for the week. Be sure to check out Target’s coupon policy and the Target price matching policy. You can also see the entire list of current Target coupons available. You can also sign up for Target coupons on your cell phone . Don’t forget to read about the new 5% off discount with the Target RedCard.

Click below to see the complete list of Target deals…

This List Has Expired
PET: Get a $5 gift card w/ purchase of 2 items
Buy 2 items and get a $5 gift card

You can see the Shop for Free list here.  Stick around because I will post the new Target coupons as they pop up!

PS:  If you happened to buy the little Bunny Sippy Cups from Easter from Target, you might check out the recall notice they issued.


  1. Julie says

    I wish I could remember which paper they were from, but I have a manufacturer coupon for $5 off one Venus razor and one refill PLUS a Target $5 off with Venus razor and cartridge. The cartridges are $14.99 and the razors are $8.99, so $23.98 – $10 = $13.98 plus the $5 gift card! The manufacturer coupon expires 4/30 and the Target one expires 5/13.

    Also, for the Tide detergent, I have a manufacturer $2/3, manufacturer $0.50/1, Target mobile coupon $2/2, and two Target coupons $0.75/1. So, if I buy 4 detergents at $11.99 = $47.96 – $6 = $41.96, plus $10 in gift cards (you get $5 for each set of two).

  2. Julie says

    I just did the math for the piece price on the Tide and yours is cheaper by $0.25/each. I made it too complicated, ha!

  3. Shannon says

    Can I use the Target mobile coupon $2/2 Tide with manufacturer coupons and still get the gift card?

  4. mike says

    $1/1 Tide from 4/29 P&G wasnt in mine i had a $1/3 which doesnt work out so good. bummer

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