Target Ad and Deals 4/22

Here are the best Target deals I see for the week. Be sure to check out Target’s coupon policy and the Target price matching policy. You can also see the entire list of current Target coupons available. You can also sign up for Target coupons on your cell phone . Don’t forget to read about the new 5% off discount with the Target RedCard.

Click below to see the complete list of Target deals…

Just a reminder that the free Earth Day tote bags are available Sunday only while supplies last.

This List Has Expired

Stay tuned and I will post any new Target coupons I find!


  1. candice says

    Hi Charlene! I was wondering where you find the next weeks ad for target? Thanks!

  2. Charlene says


    I can’t reveal my source ;). I really can’t because Target is so incredibly awful about early leaks of the ad. I can tell you it took me 2 1/2 years of constantly looking to get my hands on an advance copy. The only means I am aware of is if you live in Florida they have a newspaper on Friday with the ad or some very rural areas- only in PA that I know of- get the ad Thursday in the mail.

    Otherwise I am not aware of other means. Some cities get the ad in an early edition Saturday paper- they have that in a lot of major cities but not where I live in Sacramento.

  3. Mariana says

    Charlene, I can’t find the Activia coupon (there is Yoplait coupon, but no Activia). I have been looking since you posted Target deals yesterday, and I have checked before because it is the only yogurt we use and haven’t seen any. Have you seen Activia on another site recently maybe? Thanks

  4. Charlene says

    These matchups were done on Friday and I am certain the coupon was there very late that night. The coupon listed is the only one I found but you can double check the coupon database just to be sure.


  5. Endcapps says

    Re-set in NoCA Target Refrigerated/Frozen area. Lots of red tags:
    Natural Bliss Coffeemate, 16oz, all varieties $1.18
    Silk Almondmilk Choc, 4pk $1.98 – $1.50 printable = $0.48 … great for lunchboxes
    Archer Farms frozen fish, 3ct $2.48 – $1 Target cat coupon = $1.48
    Also saw red tagged Yoplait, Fage, Stoneyfield, Voskos

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