Safeway: Lucerne 32oz Cheese $3.99

I just wanted to confirm I did test this deal at Safeway today and it worked perfectly. This is the best price I can remember seeing on cheese in a really long time.

You will want to just double check your weekly ad but mine had the following offers:

  • Lucerne 32oz Cheese $5.99 (all week)
  • and mentioned $2 off instantly at checkout when you spend $10 on Lucerne items

So really $5.00 per block of cheese is already a great deal but you can also stack the following coupons:

Here is what I did:

Buy 2 Cheese at $5.99
The $2 came off right when I scanned my club card
Use $2 off a $10 purchase Lucerne coupon
Final Price: $7.98 or $3.99 each

I was in UScan and the Lucerne coupon scanned perfectly for me.

You can see more Safeway deals for the week here, including the free Ken’s Salad Dressing!


  1. Endcapps says

    Nice :) thx for sharing!
    I rec’d new personalized prices on Lucerne today so hope those trigger as well. Just wish the milk was included.

  2. Alissa says

    Wow, $2/lb is amazing for cheese these days! I don’t ever spend more than $2.50 for it.


  3. esther says

    Wonder where in central tx we have a safeway? I wish walmart carried this brand so I could print the add out and match the ad.

  4. lena says

    Thank you so much for confirming this deal! I love the deals on cheese at safeway lately since my family looooves cheese :)

  5. Charlene says


    You won’t have a Safeway but rather Randall’s or Tom Thumb in Texas. They are the same store just different names.

  6. Charlene says


    Just check the part at the top where I mention what was listed in my ad. That should clarify.


  7. Nicole Flory says

    Can you stack the .55/1 Q with the $2/10 Lucerne? So do 2 .55/1 + 2/10, plus the instant $2 off making your total 6.88 (3.44 each)?

  8. Charlene says


    They are both manufacturer coupons so that doesn’t seem like it would work to me. I think $3.99 is a really good price ;).


  9. Nicole says

    if you have personalized prices, is that what is calculated to reach the $10? or is it the original/price everyone else pays? For example, if the butter is $2 for me but $3 for everyone else, will $2 or $3 go towards the 10$ total if I buy the butter?


  10. Charlene says


    I would think whatever the items you buy ring up at is what goes toward $10. If your price for butter is $2, you need to buy 5. You can just watch though and see as you are scanning your purchases. The $2 comes off when you hit $10.

  11. Endcapps says

    Found a new coupon for Lucerne $2 off a $10 today. This one has no exclusions and appears to include milk (the single serve milk is included in group picture). Exp. 6/30/12. A product demonstrator had a pile of them. Look for tri-fold pamphlet “Vote to make your favorite Lucerne cow design legendary” white/blue in color.

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