Red Robin: $5 for $10 Gift Card


You can get a $10 Red Robin gift card for $5.00 today! I happen to love Red Robin, which is funny since I am a vegetarian, but the Blue Cheese burger with a veggie patty is my favorite.

Anyway, you can get a $10 gift card for just $5 today and the limit is one. Once you place your order, you receive an online voucher that you have 60 days to redeem. (Basically you just click and enter your mailing address.)

Then you should get an actual $10 gift card in the mail. Please note these usually come in plain white envelopes so they can be very easy to toss as junk mail if you aren’t paying attention.

This is only for new customers to Saveology.


  1. selen says

    i’m a vegetarian too.. luv vege patties. too bad this is for new customers only

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