Recyclebank: 100+ New Points Unlocked

Yeah!  Recyclebank released 100+ new points today and that means you can cash in for more coupons!

Africa is the final continent to be unlocked in the Passport for the Planet program!

The Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific have already been unlocked so you can go back and do those as well.  If you work through all of the activities you can score 500+ points!

You’ll just need to click on each of the cities and complete the activity to get your points!

Last week I mentioned a whole bunch of other opportunities to earn points as well.  You can check those out here.



  1. Sylvia says

    I’ve earned so much points lately that I don’t know what to do with them. The only thing I really redeem my points for is Kashi coupons which, as you know, we can do only once a month. What else do you use your points on?

  2. Charlene says


    Do you like magazines? They have a lot of those or gift cards but those cost A LOT of points. I have a post set for tomorrow about restaurant coupons. I just noticed they really have added a lot more of those. I also cash in for grocery store coupons a lot and then I like the Odwalla coupons too :)

  3. says

    Right now, you can actually redeem 2 Kashi rewards per day! They are 100 points each, but a few days ago, they were only 75, and so hopefully they will be discounted again soon.

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