New Target Shopkick Coupons

Here are the new Target Shopkick coupons. There are a few good ones- like that Frozen Chicken coupon in particular.  These run 4/28-5/11.

These coupons can all be used one time only (per coupon) and they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for a better deal.

You need to download the Shopkick app to get started and the coupons are actually offered via that app. You will take your phone into the store, pull up the barcode and the cashier can scan the coupon.  (So you do need a smart phone to get these coupons.)

  • $2 off 10-ct. or larger Allegra allergy relief item
  • $1 off 40-ct. Pamprin menstrual relief item
  • $1 off Act mouthwash
  • $2 off Gold Bond skin care lotion
  • $2 off Bullfrog sunscreen item
  • $1 off 1-oz. Herpecin-L cold sore stick
  • $2 off 12-ct. or larger Zyrtec allergy relief item
  • $5 off Kodak photo book or calendar
  • $2 off Market Pantry® frozen chicken item
  • $3 off Liz Lange® for Target® maternity apparel item
  • 15% off Women’s denim bottom
  • 75¢ off Archer Farms® Simply Balanced™ item

To get this requires a few simple steps:

1. You want to sign up for Shopkick here. If you use this special landing page for MFA readers, you will get a free $25 gift certificate to use at

2. You will get a text message to download the app- go ahead and do that.

3. The next time you walk into a partner store- like Target, Old Navy, Best Buy etc.. etc.. just open the app on your phone and that will trigger the gift card. It might take just a few seconds after you go in the entrance and the gift card should appear under the me tab.


  1. says

    Has anyone else had trouble with this app? After I searched it a couple of times, I opened it and it just closed. Uninstalled, reinstalled and same problem.

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