Green Works Cleaners Coupon (Free at Target!)


Well there is a new $1/2 GreenWorks cleaners coupon available.

I can tell you there is a fantastic deal available at Target on these cleaners this week.  These prices are from my store so hopefully you find the same deals I did.

GreenWorks Bathroom Cleaner $1.97
GreenWorks Wipes or Toilet Cleaner $2.39

Plus if you buy 3 items you get a free dish soap!

So here are some ideas:

Buy 1 Greenworks Cleaner at $1.97
or Buy Greenworks Wipes at $2.36
Use $1/1 Target mobile coupon
and Use $1/1 GreenWorks coupon or Use $1/1 Greenworks coupon
Final Price: Free or .36!

Buy 3 GreenWorks cleaners at $1.97
Buy 1 Dish Soap
Use $1/2 Target coupon
and Use $1/1 Target mobile coupon
and use $1/2 GreenWorks coupon
and Use $1/1 GreenWorks coupon or Use $1/1 Greenworks coupon
Pay $1.91 for all 4 items or $.47 each

If you don’t get the mobile coupons, do this:

Buy 2 Green Works cleaners at $1.97
Use $1/2 Target Coupon
and Use (2) $1/1 GreenWorks coupon or Use $1/1 Greenworks coupon
or Use $1/2 Greenworks coupon
Final Price: $.47-.97 each

And you should be able to mix and match with the $.99 Green Works Bleach as well!  

I forgot to check if the bleach is included in the dish soap deal, but if it is you can do this:

Buy 2 Green Works cleaners at $1.97
Buy 1 GreenWorks Bleach at $3.99
Buy 1 Dish Soap
Use $1/2 Target coupon for Greenworks
and Use $2/1 Target coupon for GreenWorks laundry items
and Use (3) $1/1 GreenWorks coupon or Use $1/1 Greenworks coupon
Final Price: $.48 per item!

Now I am planning to grab the wipes for $.36 myself.  If you don’t need these items, you might consider grabbing the wipes especially for your child’s teacher.  I bet they appreciate it!

Just a quick reminder that this is Earth month so we will see lots of great deals on green and natural cleaners.  I can’t stress enough that this is really the time to stock up on these items as they are cheaper right now than the regular and store brand cleaners we see on sale throughout the year.

See tons more Target deals for the week:


  1. naomi says

    Are we able to purchase the dish soap for the B3G1.I know its free after,I would rather get more dish soap than other cleaners.Does anyone know?

  2. Charlene says


    The last time they ran this offer it was all the Greenworks items. I would be very surprised if the dish soap was not included. My store was mobbed this morning and I ran out of patience trying to deal with all the dummies parked in the middle of every aisle just daydreaming away ;). I still have to pop back over there to check some more prices tomorrow and I will check.

  3. Stephanie O says

    What’s the difference between using the $1/2 Greenworks and 2 of the $1/1 Greenworks?

  4. Lisa P says

    Can you use a printed Target coupon with a Target Mobile coupon in the same product and transaction? I thought that you could only use one or the other per transaction or guest?

  5. Charlene says


    My understanding is that you can use one like Target coupon per transaction. Most stores allow more than that of course but this is (3) items and you are using (2) Target coupons in total. The (2) Target coupons are different so one Target coupon is applied to each of the three items.

    I can’t see why that would be a problem?

  6. Charlene says


    If you use $1/2 coupon you would be saving $.50 per item. If you use a $1/1 coupon you are saving $1 off each item. It would be better to use a $1 coupon on each item just depending on how many coupons you can print.

  7. Carrie says

    I was able to use 4 1/1 manufacturers coupons (two computers), and 4 1/2 Target coupons and got the three bathroom cleaners and dish soap for around 1.75 (including tax) Thanks Charlene!

  8. Melody says

    will target let me use 4 $1/1 manufacture coupons or can I only use 3 since the dish soap is free? what’s their policy on that? :)

  9. Charlene says


    It varies by store. The coupon policy is that you can use an extra manufacturer coupon if the BOGO is a Target BOGO or visa versa. Since this is a Target BOGO- at least in my opinion- you should probably be able use that extra MQ on the free item.

  10. Melody says

    Great! I hope it works, but either way an awesome deal, thanks for posting and letting me know too 😀

  11. Lisa P says

    I wasn’t able to shop until Sunday evening. I wanted the Green Works wipes. There was only (1) can on the shelf and the sign said “no rain checks”. So I did the first scenario you posted which is still great! I wasn’t able to try using the Target mobile coupon plus printed Target coupon.

    But if I understand your response correctly, you can use more than 1 Target coupon on the same products as long as you use only use one per each item(s) purchased. Also, the coupon wording cannot be the identical. Do I have it right? Thanks.

  12. Charlene says

    Hmm… I guess I don’t see why you can’t use the mobile coupon and a printed coupon… They are not for the same item… Did your store say why?

    Yeah- I have never had issues using more than one Target coupon myself but technically the coupon wording says one per transaction. So as long as the Target coupons are not identical you should be fine. For example on the Starbucks coffee, you could buy 3 bags of coffee and use the $5/2 target coupon and use the $2/1 starbucks coupon- since those are different coupons. Plus stack them with manufacturer coupons of course. Some stores would let you use (3) of the $2/1 target coupons on 3 bags and some stores will not.

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