CVS: Special K Cereal $0.83

This week when you buy 3 boxes of Special K cereal at CVS, you will get back $4 ECB plus when you throw in a $1/3 Special K coupon, cereal will be just $0.83 per box.

If you head on over to the Kellogg’s website and register, you can print out the $1/3 Special K coupon. ¬†Once you do that the deal will look like this:

Buy (3) Special K cereal at $2.50
Use (1) $1/3 Special K Cereal Printable
Pay $6.50 and get back $4 ECB
Final Price: $2.50 or $0.83 each!

Any time you can pay less than $1 per box for cereal it’s time to stock up! So if you need cereal you might want to grab a few boxes this week.

You can see the rest of the CVS deals for the week here.

(Thanks Passion for Savings)


  1. Endcapps says

    I can confirm this Special K deal works on cereal & fruit crisp bars all sale priced $2.50. There’s a $1/3 Kellogg’s cereal in RP 3/4 that worked. There are $1/2 crisp and bar coupons printed on the back of the cereal boxes. The .75/1 granola bar printable matches with the variety scanning $2.99 (not on sale) so I avoided buying that.

    So far, I’ve done 4 transactions. I broke my transactions up to insure my 4 ECB prints. I got cereals first in order to access the coupons printed on the box:
    3 cereals $7.50 – $1/3 insert coupon=$6.50 Got $4ECB
    3 cereals $7.50 – $1/3 insert Q – $4 ECB from T1 = $2.50 Got another $4 ECB. Clip coupons for bars from those cereal boxes.
    2 Fruit Crisps $5.00 – $1/2 coupon from cereal box – $4ECB from T2 = $0.00
    2 Fruit Crisps $5.00 – $1/2 coupon from cereal box = $4.00 Got $4 ECB
    T5 (will do tomorrow)
    2 Fruit Crisps $5.00 – $1/2 coupon from cereal box -$4ECB from T4 = $0.00 and should get $4 ECB
    That’s 12 Special K items for $9 or 75 cents ea

    I’m buying in two’s to maximize the coupon ($1/2). The receipt tracks for me automatically and every third Special K triggered the $4 ECB. Tagged in store for month of April, but we want to catch the sale price, too, so this week focus on cereals and bars (except granola variety). Next week the chips and crackers are supposed to be on sale $2.50 & there are $1/2 coupons for those on the cereal box!

  2. Stacy says

    I tried this today and it worked! I was a bit worried since there was NO signs re: $4 ECB. It only said 2/$5.

  3. Endcapps says

    Hi Charlene, I price-checked Cracker Crisp & Crackers and they were NOT $2.50 …was like $3.xx I avoided those varieties as well as the Granola Bar variety (scanned $2.99). The Ones working this week scan $2.50 so Cereals and Fruit Crisp Bars and possibly Cereal Bars.

    I think Cracker Crisps & Crackers will be on sale next week for $2.50 with $4 ECB monthly deal.

    FYI, SavingStar rebate for$5/ $20 Special K ending today??

  4. Charlene says

    Yeah it is ending today. The crisps will be a great next week then. There is a $1 coupon with the savings club thing.

  5. jennifer says

    I did this deal yesterday w/ the SavingStar. I am THRILLED to have 9 boxes at $.28 each!!! My husband has a SS account, too, and I’m KICKING myself for not doing this deal twice! It’s our FAVORITE cereal. So excited to hear that the Cracker Chips might be on the deal, too, though. We LOVE those!!! Keep us informed on that one please!!

  6. Maria says

    I went to CVS today and did not see anything about ECB’s. It wasn’t in the sale paper. I’m kicking myself for not asking an employee. Is this deal regional?

  7. Charlene says


    It seems to be an unadvertised ECB offer for the entire month. Typically these deals are not regional but since your store did not have tags there is always the chance it won’t print.

    It should be on Special K cereal and bars all month.

  8. Maria says

    Yea! It did work. The 2 stores I went to had no signs up so I’m glad I saw your post. I will check it out this coming week for the chips and crackers! :)

  9. nurseteri says

    Is the 70 cent coupon still available for the crackers? If so does anyone know what zipcode it is under?

  10. Rebecca says

    Just tried this deal with cereals in my area, (bought 6 Special K cereals, used 2 $1/3 coupons) and the ECBs didn’t print. :( Oh well, with my coupons and ECBs from previous transactions, it was still 1.25/box, so I’m happy with that.
    There were no shelf tags for this deal in my store, so it was a risk, I know.

  11. Charlene says

    Rebecca, it might be worth a quick call to CVS just to ask about the ECB. The one for cereal seems to be working for everyone but the crackers are not. They might push it through for you and the next time you scan your card the ECB will pop out.

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