Weekly Menu Plan

Here is what I have planned for this week. I am including the recipe links for those of you looking for new ideas.

The menu plan is so easy now thanks to pinterest so lots of these recipes are located there!  In case you can’t tell, I stocked up on chicken this week at the grocery store.

Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breasts from Dashing Dish and green salad

Southwest Chicken Wraps from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe and corn

Maple Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potatoes from Real Simple

Mini Cauliflower Pizza Bites from Dashing Dish and green salad

Greek Orzo Pasta with cucumber salad (my own recipe)

Grilled Salmon and Rice

And I am going to make this Fresh Fruit Cake from Design Sponge Yum!

**You can also download the free menu planning worksheet here.



  1. Allison says

    Hi Charlene- I was wondering, as far as meal planning goes, how you juggle being vegetarian with a family that is not? What do you eat when the family is eating chicken? My husband recently started eating vegetarian and I’m trying to figure out how to cook to satisfy both our needs.

  2. Trisha says

    Thanks so much for the links to the recipes you are using! I am always looking for new, easy recipes. We seem to get stuck in a dinner rut and eat the same things a lot because they are simple and familiar. I am really looking forward to trying the pizza stuffed chicken breasts:) Thanks so much for your wonderful blog!

  3. Pam says

    Thank you for posting your meal plan! Definitely going to try these recipes :)

  4. momto3 says

    ok those cauliflower pizza bites look great and primal friendly–and (hopefully) kid-friendly! But we dont own a microwave….lol…yes we dont! So how to do it w/o? I am not the best cook but trying!!

  5. Rei says

    oooh, I’m going to try the Maple Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potatoes tonight…sounds yummy!

  6. Sharon says

    I made the Southwest Chicken Wraps last night and they were a hit! thanks so much for sharing the link.

  7. Charlene says


    Uh- it is such a headache. I feel like I would lose 20 lbs if I ate what I give my kids because they get beautiful meals and then I eat half a sleeve of Ritz crackers because I am so busy ;). When you are a vegetarian the side dishes become a main dish. So last night the kids and hubs had salad, salmon and rice. I had rice and salad in larger portions. This week when I do the cauliflower cups, I bought vegetarian pepperoni so I can have the same thing. I like soup personally so I make big batches and freeze them in sandwich size bags and then those defrost really fast. I have a bunch of fall back meals as well that cook up fast. Like roasted tomatoes and mozzarella on french bread as pizza. I also like bean burritos with rice, cheese and corn. Quesadillas with cheese and mushrooms. Paninis are great- pesto, cheese and tomatoes. Grilled aged cheddar and mushrooms is delicious for a sammy…. Stuffed mushrooms you can make or buy at the produce department as something more. I try to either make leftovers or go along the same lines as what everyone else is eating so that I am not spending ages in the kitchen. I guess unless you have a lot of time to cook, someone is going to sacrifice at most meals. Maybe you can divvy up the menu each week so some nights the vegetarian items are more of the focus- like you make a gorgeous salad and delicious bread and then for the rest of you meat eaters just toss a chicken in the oven and that is it. Or some nights so something fancier for you guys- like the pepperoni chicken- and then your hubs gets the shaft a little by just tossing a bag salad together and maybe make corn on the cob or something. He can eat that. Maybe I should do a post on quick vegetarian recipes.

  8. chelsea says

    i really want to make the southwest chicken wraps but the link for the recipe isn’t on here. if anyone could possibly email it to me that would be greatly appreciated!

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