Walmart: Frankie Stein Special Edition Doll $4.13

Some of you might have girls that are Monster High fans. I wanted to mention that on April 1st, Walmart will launch a special edition Frankie Stein doll priced at $4.13.

The doll is in honor of Friday 13th (which is 4/13). That is a really great price for those of you that are Monster High fans!

As far as I know these will be in store at Walmart on 4/1 and they are limited edition. At this price, you might want to head into the store early.

You can print out a free Monster High printable slumber party kit as well with little crafts and projects to do.


  1. Charlene says


    I think it is working now so try refreshing and let me know if you still have issues,


  2. teh doll says

    oooh awesome… im so getting my little blue one.. thanks for the heads up =)

  3. Smerk! says

    I found some last night in Tucson, AZ for $4.13. Black & White Frankie Stein.

  4. leslie says

    What’s the up my store said as soon as they receive them they will put them out.

  5. leslie says

    What’s the upc my store said as soon as they receive them they will put them out.

  6. Shannon says

    This has been out. I was able to get one 40% off at our Justice store last weekend (it worked out to be the same price). The cashier at Justice said that a lady in from Canada said this doll is going for $200 across the border.

  7. Charlene says

    Shannon, I can only say what the PR rep told me from Monster High and Walmart. I don’t have any idea about these otherwise :). I was told they weren’t yet released but who knows. You got the doll with a Tarzan looking outfit on? Bikini top and a tied on skirt with a bob haircut?

  8. Kerry says

    Hi Charlene, Can you tell me what website you went on or list you signed up for to find out this information? My daughter is a MH FANATIC! Thanks!

  9. Charlene says


    I get emails from press people at Walmart. I didn’t sign up they just email out new coupons and promotions and every so often they offer giveaways.

  10. Kia says

    I also found these in Flint, MI today for $4.13. The lady who worked there thought it was a clearance price – didn’t realize it was for Friday the 13th! I bought all 3 – these will be great bday gifts for all the parties my 2nd grader gets invited to!

  11. Shannon says

    Yes it is all black and white and is as you described. If I didn’t have it put away for her birthday, I would take a pic for you.


  12. Tracey says

    Thanks Charlene…

    Sorry took me so long to reply…It worked for me this time…Thanks so much…My adult daughter…lol…Loves the MH dolls. Finally now that she is grown she likes something girly…so she is gonna love this and the slumber party kit…she will use it for her bachelorette…KIDS:)

    Thanks again,

  13. Ginger says

    This is not the same doll that is selling for $200+. The one that is selling for $200+ is the 2010 Comic Con Limited Edition Black and White Frankie Stein.

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