Target: Mix and Match Home Furnishings Sale

In case you didn’t get a chance to look through the Target ad this week, I wanted to mention a home furnishing sale they are running.

You can get Buy One Get One 50% off home decor like lamps, throw pillows, art, picture frames, vases, bookcases, ottomans, accent tables and lots more.

I think this is a great time to shop if you want some new spring accessories or if you want to jazz up some rooms.

I actually grabbed two picture frames yesterday priced at $9.99 each- the 50% came off at checkout and the price was $14.98 for both.

I thought that was a great deal for larger frames with gallery mats.

Everything is marked at my store or you can also shop online at  They make it pretty easy to navigate and see what is on sale.  Your shipping is free with a red card or a $50 purchase.

Also, I am noticing A TON of clearance in the home departments of my store.  Everything from kitchen tools to baskets to linens to desk accessories have been marked down.  I also got (2) tall Rubbermaid trash cans for just $2.70 each yesterday.  I noticed the rugs were buy one get one 50% off too and I am a HUGE fan of area rugs to totally change the look of a room.

If you do plan to shop in store, it might be worth a quick look around!


  1. Endcapps says

    Charlene, because you’ve worked so hard on reorganizing your pantry, your desk/countertop, & shoes…you deserve to buy the rugs (or whatever) as your reward ;). You really did an amazing job!

  2. becky says

    I have been waiting forever for their Avington furniture to hit a good sale…. finally, bookcase and desk! yahoo!

  3. sandy says

    my husband went to buy some bar stools. went to pay and they said it was not included!!! the sign was RIGHT in front of the bar stools on the shelf!!!!

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