Target: Free Beauty Bag

There is a new free beauty bag available from Target. In the past these have been nice cosmetic bags filled with samples and coupons. They have always been fantastic freebies.

Target used to mail them to your home but this time around they have changed things up.

You want to watch the bottom of your receipts and see if you get a little code. If you do just enter it here and your sample bag will be on the way.

So if anyone happens to notice the code on the bottom of your receipt we’d love to know what you bought to trigger it!

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  1. Karen says

    It doesnt really help much but this is from the Target FB pg:

    At this time, we’re unable to share any specifics on the qualifying items other than they are beauty products available in our Target stores. And when you purchase three or more qualifying beauty items, you’ll receive a code via receipt. – Ariel

    There is some speculation that it involves purchasing brands listed that the bag contains (Nivea, Nexxus, Pantene, L’Oreal, Neutrogena, Simple and more.) …or else Target exclusive beauty brands like Sonia Kashuk etc. But you have to buy 3 qualifiers in the next few weeks. Wonder why it is so vague. :-/

  2. jessica says

    omg – I love these. i shop target sooo much. now I will look at my reciepts!

  3. Kris says

    I hope I get one–I love these bags! Of course, I just bought toiletries last week at Target because of the deals. That’s probably what you need to purchase to get a code. Fingers crossed!

  4. Laurie says

    I went to Target this morning to purchase the Cheer that is on sale with my coupon and 2 headbands for my daughter (which were on clearance) And got two of the Welch’s fizz drinks. My code for the beauty bag printed out on a separate receipt like when you get coupons for target. Good luck

  5. Chessie says

    Hello. I actually bought a Simple Face Wash (included in bag)yesterday thnking it might generate the code, but it did not.

  6. nicolle says

    hello ya its random!! it kinda sux but it doesn’t matter what you buy nothing triggers it its a catalina and its totally random!

  7. Sofee says

    If anyone gets a code, post! post! Maybe it will work for those of us that keep buying and not able to get one :(

  8. Michelle says

    Purchased clearance athletic wear and got lucky with a Catalina coupon! Can’t wait for my free samples to arrive!

  9. nicolle says

    no the code is unique to each purchase unfortunatly only one time use
    i saw that posted already on a diff site

  10. Sys says

    Target is pathetic. Walmart is always giving away free samples and coupons, and you don’t have to buy anything. This random stuff is terrible!

  11. Charlene says


    They have sent these bags out for free in the mail twice before and they are actually really nice bags. I guess I think anything that a company gives away for free is better than nothing at all ;). Even if I don’t get a bag code on my receipt, I am sure lots of others will get one and enjoy the bag.


  12. Don't Mess with Texas says

    This borders on SCAM. Just to receive samples, you must have a code after having bought 3 unknown items. Just give them on first come basis. We buy items with coupons so we don’t buy all 3 items at the same time. I am sick of this game. Target can keep their samples. It was a great sample package when I got it before, but I don’t have time to jump through hoops. I used high dollar coupons to get better deals. This is a game I have no time for.

  13. Cool Breeze says

    Charlene, thank you for your comment. You are exactly right. It was a great sample package too. I am with Dont Mess with TX. I don’t have time for a bunch of games of buying 3 certain items. Just advertise how to get the freebie and post it so we know.

    Olay had a recent promo like this. If you bought 3 of their products you could get a nice makeup bag from Elle or some other high end magazine.

  14. ALECIA says

    I have to agree with Don’t Mess With Texas as well. If you list it under a free sample site we shouldn’t have to purchase anything to recieve said sample. Let alone just saying it’s random so we have to keep making multiple purchases for a litlle bag of a few samples. Nice way to scam your customers.

  15. Charlene says

    I would recommend you all direct your comments to Target which is where this promotion is from. I really have nothing at all to do with how they handle things. I simply passed along the information.


  16. nicolle says

    Charlene taregt will not answer you all they say is you have to purchase something thats it. alot of us have tried that and have gotten nowhere

  17. Charlene says

    Ok well I am sorry they tied this promotion to a purchase but unfortunately I really have nothing at all to do with how they execute promotions. The only involvement I have is just passing along the information. 😉

  18. Nancy says

    Hey, can some of you who have received the code please post ? If you already ordered it, then you won’t lose anything.

  19. Megan says

    To “Texas” and the ladies that sides with her are all cheap lazy women. Do they not remember that this is a FREE giveaway. Target’s not asking you to buy anything. But if you choose to shop at Target, you might get lucky and get a code for a FREE gift bag. Again, it’s FREE. They don’t have to give you anything for making your every day purchases, but they are. Be more appreciative or Target just might stop giving anything away free….

  20. pam says

    Taget is off base. If something is promoted as being free…it should be free. Period. If it was supposed to be free with purchase then it does not belong under the free sample area.

  21. tara Kitchens says

    Well I think this sucks I have not gotten a baggie and have gone to Target on two different occasions hoping for a code so I could get one… I mean really? The should have it or not have it no in betweens!

  22. nicolle says

    Hey megan your a tad of base about what we are all gripping about here. what the issue is is that all the other beauty bags have actually been free and we all enjoy them very much i actually got hooked on one of the lotions i received from them but they are now requiring a purchase and calling it a free sample it is not. By all accounts its a gift with purchase which target needs to specify we are not all cheap here we all like to save money if your not *cheap* wana throw some money my way then! I can always use it

  23. ALECIA says

    If it makes anyone feel better I saw mine print and when I wasn’t looking the catalina “disappeared”. The cashier and the manager I asked to help me told me they could not reprint and I would have to just try for it again. I wrote to corporate and the facebook support to get help and they all said just keep going back and try to get another one. I advise you watch your cashiers to make sure they aren’t taking your codes when you aren’t looking. Target won’t help you out if it happens.

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