Savemart and Lucky’s Deals 03/28 – 04/03

Here are the Savemart Deals for the week. This is based on the Nor CA ad so you will want to double check your local ad for regional variations! Lucky’s Shoppers should have a very similar ad- but be sure to double check!  Not all stores accept internet coupons. You might want to call ahead and check before you head out!

Click below for the entire list of Savemart and Lucky’s Coupon deals.

This List Has Expired

Did I miss anything good this week? You can see the current Savemart Catalinas here.


  1. Corinne says

    Thanks for posting Lucky’s deals! You’re the only blog that still posts them! I always forget to leave a message for you! Keep up the great work, Charlene!

  2. Tai says

    Agreed Corinne. We’re out here reading and saving…thanks for the hard work!

  3. franki says

    Sunny Select Vegetables – $0.59 at Lucky

    amen on the thanks for covering savemart!

  4. Shana says

    Old Orchard 3/$5.00 use the BOGO cherry coupon that is available today on facebook.

    buy (2) @ $1.66 ea = $3.33
    use (1) BOGO -$1.66
    (2) for $1.66 or $0.83 ea!!

  5. Erin says

    Hear, hear! I stop by every time I plan to shop at Savemart. I’ll be stopping by frequently as I am a sucker for games like “The Price is Right.” Last year I won several grocery items and some decent coupons. I don’t expect you to do this, since you already do so much, but I would love to see some sort of sign or notation for products participating in the game.

    Thanks again!

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