Savemart and Lucky’s Deals 03/14 – 03/20

Here are the Savemart Deals for the week. This is based on the Nor CA ad so you will want to double check your local ad for regional variations! Lucky’s Shoppers should have a very similar ad- but be sure to double check!  Not all stores accept internet coupons. You might want to call ahead and check before you head out!

Click below for the entire list of Savemart and Lucky’s Coupon deals.

This List Has Expired

Did I miss anything good this week?


  1. Kristin S says

    Are the minute maid coolers the same ones that had the $1/1 on
    Also, just FYI (not sure if it has been mentioned) the Red Baron Pizzas were $3 at Target yesterday. Got them for $1.50 AC :)

  2. Endcapps says

    Wow, 45 cent coffee creamer! Love! My Lucky is resetting and clearancing laundry detergents. I got Method $2.50-$2 insert coupon= $.50. Saw Gain & Tide, too. Bring your coupons!

  3. Kim D says

    I see the dove bars are buy 2 get 2 free. IF they happen to be the right size for the BOGO coupon from the saving club, how would that work? I can come up with buy 8 and six of them are free. Thanks!!

  4. Charlene says


    If they are the right size it would be Buy 1 Get 2 free essentially.

  5. franki says

    TYSM for covering Savemart, Charlene, & for checking on the Minute Maid coolers/coupon matchup. Will cross it off my list!

    Lucky has some differences.
    $1/2 avocado
    organic fingerling potatoes 1.99 for a 1.5lb bag :),
    organic broccoli 1.99 bu,
    Murphy corned beef $1.68/lb point cut brisket. Savemart price above is Shenson’s
    Lucky doesnt advertise $5/5 english cuke price I see in s-mart ad, or .29/lb yellow onions.
    I read that onions are the least pesticide-impacted conventional produce,

    both stores have Kraft sliced cheese 2/$5, and are participating in the Kraft cheese CAT, exp 18th IIRC
    if the slices with touch of philly are included, there are .50IPs. I think the .75 ones may be gone
    12.50 =2.50 x 5
    -2.50 =.50Q x 5
    $10 get 4CAT

  6. says

    There’s a couple $1/2 coupons for Old Orchard on as well that I believe will work for this sale.

    Check stores for $1/2 blinkies on the International Delight (if you’ve already printed or can’t print the $.55/1).

    Also the $1/1 Farmer John’s sausage in yesterday’s insert will make for free sausage this week.

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