Safeway Deals 3/28-4/3

You can see Safeway’s coupon policy right here. Most stores will allow you to stack a manufacturer coupon with the store coupons that can be found in the weekly circulars. You will want to be sure to get a club card for Safeway to take advantage of the sale prices! Safeway sale prices tend to vary from region to region so you will always want to double check your local ad! Also, I do not have double coupons in my area so your prices are likely much better than mine!Be sure to read about the new Just for U program rolling out at Safeway!

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*This week there are some good deals and a few notes on the ad. The first is a $10 catalina coupon when you spend $75. This should be after store discounts and before coupons but you never know with Safeway. Check the ad for a handful of exclusions.

The second thing is a $3 off discount when you buy 2 select household items. The deals are actually pretty good and the prices listed in the post are after all discounts are applied- so you must buy 2 items to get those prices. You can mix and match.

This List Has Expired
Buy 2 & Save $3 at Checkout

Any other great deals you can see?  I marked my favorites with an *.

Here are the current Safeway catalina offers.


  1. Kristi says

    Just found your site! Love it thank you so much! You are totally helping me make sense of coupons and Safeway deals!

  2. Sherry says

    Noticed in today’s Raley’s ad a .75 cent manufacture coupon for quilted northern tp…I’m hoping I can combine that with the $9.99 for 24 double rolls. That’s only .39 cents per roll…SCORE!!!

  3. Charlene says


    Yes I saw that. One thing I want to caution you about is measuring value on the per roll price. It isn’t a very accurate way to determine a deal- the best way is to check the price per square foot but that requires a lot more effort ;).

  4. Lori says

    I’m going to double-check this weekend, but I believe I saw mccormick spices at B2G1 through some date in April, and there are 75/1 coupons out there….

  5. Endcapps says

    The Post Honey Bunches Fruit Blends is included in the $2.50 sale. Finally! Been waiting to use my printable $1 coupons that expire tomorrow! So, $1.50 for the Big Size.

  6. Endcapps says

    My NoCA Sfwy has this Banquet Frozen Food deal posted on the freezer doors and I tested it. Buy $10 of qualifying Banquet, Get a Free Lucerne Ice Cream. So I combined that Banquet promo with the Buy $15 frozen, Get a $5 Cat promo. They both worked. Here was my transaction:
    2–Banquet Chicken Nuggets $7.98 (3.99ea)
    3–Banquet Fruit Pies, individual size $2.67 (.89ea)
    1–Lucerne ice cream $0.00 (from buying $10 Banquet)
    2–Stouffers Farmer Harvest steambags $5.00
    Used $1/2 Stouffers, a $5 New Frozen Cat from previous trip (towards Stouffers Farmer Harvest)
    Paid $9.65 and rec’d a $5 Frozen Cat for next order

    J4U $3/$10 Produce coupon unexpectedly triggered by my Bolthouse Farm Juice 32oz $2.49 w/ad coupon and it lives in the Produce fridge. Entire $3 came off and overage went towards my other items.

  7. Shirley says

    You can’t use a printed on the computer coupon with a Safeway double coupon. It states right on the double coupon, no internet coupons.

  8. franki says

    I bought Bolthouse and bananas (heard was triggering jfu $3 produce) but had to spend $15 to get my $3 off last night

    Some stores have an Open Nature $1 off coupon, left from a demo. I used it on the 32oz yogurt for 1.99. Vanilla was lowfat, plain was full fat. That coupon doesn’t seem to work automatically on all Open Nature products. It didn’t work for me on the Greek Frozen Yogurt. Part of the game of Safeway roulette. Like this-Open Nature products promo
    $2 on $10 purchase
    $3 on $15
    $4 on $20
    Haven’t done it myself but got the Catalina announcement for it
    but all reports are that it’s not producing the expected CATs :(

  9. Endcapps says

    Ugh, Lord have mercy, Sfwy Frozen Food Promo is exasperating! I had to redeem my “$5 off a NEW frozen item”. While hunting in freezer, another shopper joins my quest. All the I.d. Shelftags “NEW” have fallen down. Manager happens by. We ask him, “What is NEW?”. Manager clearly had heard this many times already. He told us “Get Anything you want from frozen!!”. I think shoppers and store personnel are all happy this frozen promo is ending!

    I got 2 Eggos $5 – $5 Frozen Cat pushed thru
    1 Honey Bunches Fruit Blends big box $2.50-$1 coupon
    1 Free Milk wyb three breakfast items coupon (Exp. 4/3–hurry!)
    paid $1.50 for all

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