Raley’s and Bel Air Coupon Deals 3/28-4/3

Here are the best deals I see at Raley’s this week.  You can also see the Raley’s coupon policy here as well as get info on the store card and the store coupons.

Click below for the complete list of Raley’s & Bel Air Coupon Deals…


This List Has Expired

Any other great deals I missed?

You can see the Raley’s catalina offers for the week here.


  1. Leigh says

    Thanks for the match ups! I’m not really excited about any of the deals this week. I would probably just buy the pork spare ribs and free apples if my freezer wasnt so packed full.

  2. Endcapps says

    I’ll look for that Raley’s Something Extra Magazine, thx! The cantaloupes from last week’s deal are super-delicious, like candy!

  3. Kim D says

    I agree with Endcapps!!! I was hoping for O.K. and was so excited for super-delicious. Thanks Charlene for directing us to such great deals!!

  4. Endcapps says

    The recent Consumer Reports ranked a grocery stores. Of the stores MFA covers for weekly match-ups, Raley’s was top…Safeway & WalMart were bottom ranked. The report gave special recognition to Raley’s freshness in produce.

    Sun Drop 12-pk $2.50 w/ad coupon – $1/1 peelie on pack. If you have the Cat coupon for any soda, even better. Sun Drop tastes like 7-up to me, at least.

  5. Charlene says


    Why did they give Safeway a bad review? I always like Raley’s too it is just a little too expensive for all my groceries. Did you see where Target and Savemart stood?

  6. franki says

    Kettle chips are the larger 8.5oz bag, pretty good price @ .99 after all coupons.
    I printed Hillshire Farms Grilled Essentials Chicken coupon from the online version of the magazine in link above and they took it without question. Not sure if every store is as friendly as my Nob Hill tho

    Text of the free apple coupon reads:
    “Spend $20, Get one 3 lb. Bag Raley’s Apples Selected varieties including Fuji and Gala. FREE! With this coupon. Limit 1.”
    but apparently not limited to Fuji & Gala. Granny Smith worked for me. All 3 were 2.98/bag.

  7. Endcapps says

    Check you email. I sent Consumer Reports ratings info to you.

  8. Endcapps says

    I like Raley’s/Nob Hill when I can use my coupons, or when I can stack their store coupon, or when I can get a Savingstar rebate…so, basically get all their loss-leader items + Fri Freebies. However, like Charlene mentioned, the rest of Raley’s non-sale items tend to be pricey.

    The positive-side, is my Nob Hill is very coupon-friendly, never crowded, happy cashiers, well stocked, clean, excellent meat/produce, well-marked signage. So I do go every week to pick up the good deals. For the gaps in my shopping list, i still have to stop @ Sfwy, Lucky, f&e. I guess I’m cherry-picking the deals.

  9. Cindy says

    Hi Charlene,
    Just got back fron Raley’s and purchased 24 ct Zyrtec. They’re on sale $15 each, used $5/1 3.4 RP & I received a $4 catalina for my next purchase.

  10. franki says

    OT:Yes, EC (may I call you EC 😉 ), I agree but I also find Nob Hill to be predictable and I spend the least time wrangling over coupons not working. And the quality of their products seems superior. I never even wondered if Pink Slime was an issue there. It’s the only place I’ve purchased beef in a year. Their fish seems fresh & good quality. Love their breads.

    The only place that I haven’t found great deals is the baking aisle, & since those items have long shelf life I can pretty much get all I need over the holidays.
    spent almost 2 hours at Safeway saving 66%-sad comparison to even a year ago. Nob Hill keeps looking better & better by comparison
    BTW-thanks so much for your wonderful contributions!

  11. Endcapps says

    Today my Allegra 5-ct rang-up $3.49 (shelftag said $6.99). Bad news: my precisely calculated $20-minimum for Freebie was thrown off! Good news: cashier understood my bewilderment and resulting predicament…as a one time courtesy allowed me to use the $7 off any Allegra coupon from today’s insert, so got overage. Love my store! Also, praise for the meat guy–I wanted boneless skinless chicken but my store was out of stock. Meat guy offered to skin and bone the $1.29/lb chicken for me free of charge so now I have thigh filets at 1.29/lb – $5/$15 coupon, so about 99cents a lb. I get great service here!
    Just * watch out * for the 5-ct Allegra to ring up lower than shelftag price ($3.49/$6.99)

    franki, I’m happy we all help each other save here on MFA thanks to Charlene :)

  12. Rani says

    Thank you for the post about the Allegra medicine. I was wondering What would happen if there was an overage – their coupon policy didn’t state, unless I missed it. I am guessing the overage applies to the rest of your groceries in your cart?

  13. Rani says

    Allegra was $6.99 for the 5 count at my Raley’s store, so I did not receive an overage anyway. Cashier just adjusted the coupon down to $6.99 to avoid the penny overage.

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