Hunger Games Book $5.85

If you haven’t picked up the Hunger Games yet, I wanted to mention you can grab the paperback for just $5.85 right now!

There are three books in this series and I bought the trilogy to read on my iPad.  Let me tell you that I literally did not sleep last week.

I could not put these books down and I found myself staying up way, way past my bedtime so I highly recommend them.

If you do decide to grab the first book in the series, you might get a plan going for the second two books because I read all three in about a 5 day stretch.

When you buy the paperback of the book, you will also get a $2 credit toward the purchase of the MP3 soundtrack coming out for this movie.

If you want to buy all three books in the series, the price is $25.78 and your shipping is free.  That includes the Hunger Games in paperback and Catching Fire and the Mockingjay in hardcover.  Just scroll down slightly to see that option.

The Kindle trilogy is a slightly better deal at $19.99 and you can read them on your phone, iPad, Kindle or computer.  The great thing about that option is that you can get a sample of the first book for free.  Just click that option on the right side and then you can see what you think of the books before you buy.


  1. Endcapps says

    My 12 year-old son is a fan of this series. He’s looking forward to the movie! Do you know of a similar series or author to tide him over?

  2. piper says

    i’m so glad you did get around to reading these books charlene!! aren’t they so awesome! my friend said they were created in order to make for sleep deprived moms and neglected kids! ha! looking forward to the movie…i hope it does the first book justice!

    endcapps…a sort of the same kind of feel book series is by kristin cashore, i think. the first book is “graceling” and it was pretty good. i really liked it… its not as good as hunger games, but a similar feel to it. the second book is called “fire” and is a prequel to graceling. i didn’t read that or the third book yet…but the third is called “bitter blue” which is either not out yet, or just out recently. anyhoooot…there’s a thought for your son.

  3. Endcapps says

    thx piper! I’ll hunt down Kristin Cashore books for my son to try

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