Weekly Shopping Trip + Menu Plan

You can click below to see how the weekly shopping went for me.

Raley’s $32.53

Organic Milk $5.98
2lbs carrots- free with store coupon
cream cheese- free with store coupon
French Bread $1.88
Purple Cauliflower $2.00 (I thought my girls would like this)
Machego Cheese $5.99 (boo!)
Clementines $2.99- used $.35 coupon= $2.64
Fresh Pork Chops $15.57 – used $5 off a $15 pork purchase coupon*
Organic Salad Mix $1.49
2 pints of tomatoes .99 each
*The coupon didn’t work at checkout and I had to get a refund at customer service.

I hopped over to Safeway just because I wanted to take advantage of that rebate offer for the free items. I normally wouldn’t have bought some of these items but since they were free after rebate I just couldn’t pass it up.

Fundamiddles Cupcakes $3.99- used $.50 coupon= $3.49
Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks $1.99- used $.50 coupon= $1.49
Cheerios Dulce con Leche $2.99
Multigrain Cheerios $2.99
Nature Valley Protein Bars $3.00- used $.50 coupon= $2.50
2 Lucerne Cheese $5.23 (these are $5.99 but I have a Just 4 U price of $5.23)
Totinos Pizza Stuffers $3.49- used $.50 coupon= $2.99
Yoplait Greek Parfaits $2.50
Yoplait Greek Yogurt $2.50
2 Farmland Bacon $5.49
Total $37.40 but I get $26.94 back in a rebate so the total is $10.46

And I wouldn’t have gone to Target except I was collecting prices for the blog so here are a few things I grabbed:

2 Welch’s Fruit Fizz $2.99- free with coupons
Up & Up mouthwash $2.29- used $1 coupon= $1.29
Organic Eggs $3.84
Ortega Taco Sauce $1.61
Ortega Seasoning $.62- used $1/2 coupon (from a magazine)
2 Schick Razors $9.49- used $5.50 in coupons and got back a $5 gift card= $2.98

Final Price: $9.34

So if you figure the rebate will go back into our bank account, the grand total was $52.33. That wasn’t quite enough for the week as I wasn’t able to get much produce.  The organic produce is just so much more expensive at my normal grocery stores so I will have to swing back over to Sprouts to get mushrooms, celery, apples and tomatoes.  I am guessing that will be about $8 or so.

The nice thing is we are REALLY stocked up on pork chops for a few months.  Since the price was so good this week I got a bunch of packages and they all went into Ziploc bags and into the freezer.


Steak, salad, cauliflower
Roasted tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons
Tomato pesto paninis and salad
Garlic and Brown Sugar Chicken with broccoli
Ranch Chicken Lasagna and salad
Chicken Fajitas

If you want more recipe ideas, you can follow me on Pinterest. I seem to have a theme of cheese and sweets going right now but I am looking all the time for easy and healthy ideas.


  1. Yesenia says

    Hello… Can you price match Schick razor silk at target for 5.97 because there on sale this week at walmart? Im alittle confused because the ones advertise in walmart have a bonus shaving cream:) thnks

  2. Charlene says

    Yesenia, The price match would be done before Target coupons are applied and only if Target also carries that exact same bonus pack. I bought razors and did not see those bonus packs at my store.

    That would be a great deal if you did find them!


  3. Endcapps says

    Wish I was as efficient as you! I like seeing your trips+meal plan. Must feel great to have all that meat stocked in the freezer & not have to think about buying proteins for awhile. Those purple cauliflowers will look adorable in your Bento Box artful designs you shared. We ate our purple cauliflower last night!

  4. Charlene says


    Oh gosh I am not efficient at all but thank you ;). I try so hard not to get distracted and then I get distracted and something that should take 5 minutes takes 20. I call it Mommy ADD since we all multitask so much.


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