Walmart: Kindle Fire $199 + $50 Gift Card

There is a nice deal in the Walmart ad for today.

You can get a Kindle Fire for $199 and get a $50 Walmart gift card back. So that is like paying $149 for the Kindle which is for sure the lowest price we have seen.

This is available in stores only.

If you are interested in this offer I would suggest picking yours up sooner rather than later.  You never know if stores will run out on these types of promotions.

If you don’t feel like driving to Walmart, the Kindle Fire is $199 from Amazon with free shipping.



  1. Kristen says

    I was planning on ordering one this week, now I can save an extra $50! Thanks SOOOOOO much for this!

  2. Kristen says

    I recommend calling ahead. I called a couple stores before I left, the first one said they’d never carried and didn’t have any in stock.

  3. samantha says

    i live in hawaii on oahu, and there are only so many walmarts we can try on an island and ALL of the stores were SOLD OUT this morning (monday). Disappointed.

  4. Whitney says

    I was planning on going today… Will they issue a raincheck if they are sold out? We have been waiting since Christmas for a deal on the Kindle Fire. UGH.. maybe I should have gone on Sunday.

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