Krave Cereal Coupon

There is a new $.70 off Krave Cereal Coupon. This is a nice one to grab because there is also a $1/2 Target coupon.

Right now Krave is like $3 at my Target but we should see a sale sometime soon.

I don’t normally eat this type of cereal but I got a box at the store last week and I have to say it is pretty darn good.  I have been eating it as dessert.

*Use zip code 95677 if needed.


  1. Endcapps says

    SavingStar just credited me $.70 for “buying” Krave at Nob Hill. It was the last friday freebie. I normally don’t buy this type of cereal as well. My idea = make trail mix using Krave, raisins or Craisins, almonds. LOL, Frugal Moms must be creative.

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