Hunger Games Trilogy $16.85

Ok I am FINALLY going to buy these books myself and if you are super late to the Hunger Games party as well you might want to check this out.

I was the one mocking adults reading those Harry Potter books years ago… until I finally picked one up and found out what all the stink was about! I seem to recall literally staying up all night to read the last HP book.

So anyway, The Hunger Games has been a top seller on Amazon for about 647 days (no I am not making that up) and has had the #1 spot for most of that time.

I guess that means these are good.

If you would like to read them, you can get all three books in the Hunger Games trilogy for $16.85.  That works out to $5.61 per book.

If you just bought them separately the price is closer to $22.00.

If you don’t have a Kindle, no biggie.  You can also download these to a smart phone, iPad or computer.  It might be available for a Nook as well.

The Hunger Games movie will be coming out soon so might as well get going on the books before that comes out.

(Thanks Bargain Briana)




  1. Ronni says

    My daughter’s (12 and 15 years old) have read these books and love them! They are looking forward to watching the movie. I paid more than $16.85…good deal!

  2. Amanda Fry says

    You won’t be disappointed Charlene! I read the 1st one last month, after many family members recommended them (including my Grandma)! I finished the 2nd one yesterday and now I must get the 3rd! They are very enthralling!

  3. Charlene says

    Lol so I hear! I just finished a book so the timing is perfect. I will start it tonight.

  4. Karla G says

    Yes, you must read them! I just finished the last one and I seriously could not put them down!

  5. Kyle H says

    I read the trilogy over a year ago, when a lady I work with recommended them. I loved the series and I can’t wait for the movie!

  6. Court says

    I blasted through them – but book 3 was so frustrating. Why do they always fizzle?

  7. sandra says

    These are good! Best to buy all three together since you will not be able to stop!

  8. Crystal says

    If you have a kindle and are a member of Amazone Prime, you can check them out from the Prime lender’s library for free. (that’s what I did). And they are great books. I am very much not a apocolyptic, science fiction book fan and loved these books.

  9. Melanie says

    I loved them as well, can’t wait to see the movie!

    May the odds be EVER in your favor….. 😉

  10. Tina F. says

    Perfect timing, I was just telling a girlfriend I wanted to start reading these because I heard such good reviews, yay!!

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