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One tip I always pass on when I am asked how to start saving money at the grocery store is to menu plan.  It has worked out so well for our family.  It makes the crazy weeknights much more organized and it really helps me stick to a budget.  Plus I save myself the little extra trips to the grocery store during the week because we are out of this or out of that.

So if you are interested in menu planning or you want to try to streamline the process, here are two free resources:

EXPIRED.  Food on the Table: you can get FREE menu planning services based on what is on sale at your local grocery store.  This is only for new members and you just use coupon code: FEBFREE.  You just register and select the grocery store you like to shop at and they will help you get a menu plan together based on what that store has on sale that week.

NOTE:  Do not pick the log in with Facebook option as you won’t be able to enter the coupon code.

If you already have the menu planning under control, there is a free downloadable menu planning worksheet available. I use these each week to keep track of what I have planned.  It just goes right on the fridge.

If you want more specific info you can check out my menu planning vlog here.


  1. Lorena says

    I’ve been telling myself I wanted to start a menu for countless reasons, this is just the link I’ve been needing to jump start that. Thank you for the link and hopefully I can be more efficient with time and planning. One of my biggest downfalls is forgetting to thaw a package of meat for dinner which means I end up just stopping at the store to buy that or something else at significantly higher price. The trip to the store could have been avoided meaning saving time and money…if I was more organized. So, THANK YOU for this link, I’m off to try it!

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