Disney Vitamins Coupon $1.25/1

There is a Disney Vitamins coupon available for $1.25/1. That is actually a really good coupon and higher in value than we normally see.

My Target has the 60ct Disney vitamins for $4.74- use the coupon and you pay $3.49.

They also have 200ct bottles of Disney Vitamins in the seasonal section for $10.00. Those products will go on clearance in a few weeks and the 200ct vitamins should get marked down- you can always hold your coupon and hope for a sale.

If you look at the per vitamin price, the larger 200ct bottle is actually a better deal.

You can find more coupons you might need in the coupon database.


  1. erin of twins says

    I just wanted to point out that you need to give your child 2 of these per day, so the bottle lasts one child, one month. I have found the best value to be flinstone vitamins, as you only have to give one per day, so the same size bottle will last a child TWO months. Just food for thought!

  2. sbuxqponr says

    savemart has them on sale bogo right now for $6.49-with 2 coupons ($1 each) I ended up getting both bottles for $4.49…which I thought was pretty good :)

  3. Michelle says

    It is just the gummy vitamins that you have to give 2. I think the regular chewable vitamins are the same price and the dose is 1.


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