Disney Movie Rewards: New Code + New Rewards

If you have been collecting Disney Movie Rewards points, you might want to check out a few gift card deals they have right now.

You simply collect the points off the little slips of paper located inside any Disney Movie that you purchase. The codes add up and you can redeem your points for tons of prizes. I feel like this is worthwhile because there really are good prizes- like DVDs, toys, gift cards and more.

They occasionally offer codes for free points that anyone can use- so here is a new one for 5 points:  328WEDKFAHF.

And here are some rewards you might want to check out:

Right now for 75 points you can get a coupon for a free box of Pop Secret popcorn.

You can cash in 500 points for a coupon code for $5 off at the Disney Store or you can cash in 425 points for $10 in Hollywood Movie Money.

The movie money can be used to purchase a ticket for a Disney movie.

I cashed in for the $5 off code for Disney Store.com and it worked perfectly for me. They still have Buy One Get One Free plush toys right now- so you can get 2 little toys to tuck away for Easter baskets.

If you are a Disney fan, you can also get a free Disney Cruise Vacation planning DVD right now.  We have been considering taking a vacation with the kids so I ordered it just to see what the cruise has to offer.

(Thanks Good Deal Mama)


  1. Tatyana says

    Hi Charlene,
    We would love to go to Disney(CA) too, but I was wondering if you or your readers have tips on how to save money during vacation, how to get the best experience of this trip?
    Thank you

  2. Stephanie says

    I redeemed for the code but it’s saying it’s not valid…anyone have this problem?

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