Disney Movie Rewards: Free Blu-ray When You Enter 2 Magic Codes

Disney Reward Members can get a free Disney Blu-ray when you enter 2 magjc codes by 5/31. You will get to choose between Tinkerbell, A Bug’s Life or Bridge to Terabithia.  Plus, when your movie arrives it will come with a code worth 125 points.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign in or Join Disney Movie Rewards
  • Enter 2 Magic Codes found inside any eligible Disney Blu-ray, DVD or CD by 5/31
  • After you enter the codes you should see a banner that says “Click here for your Free Disney Blu-ray

This offer is limited to 1 per account and shipping is $3.95.  I have not tested this because I don’t have any stray codes right now so let us know how it works for you!



  1. Amy A. says

    Worked perfect for me! Entered in the second code and then clicked on the banner. It prompted me to make a selection and then took me through shipping and billing for $3.95 plus tax.

  2. Christina says

    I happened to find 2 movies in my basement! It worked for me! I ordered A Bugs Life for my little girl!

  3. Kirsten says

    I did this the last time they had this offer and it worked fine! I got Chicken LIttle that time – glad this expires after Easter as my kiddos will each be getting a movie in their basket so I can use those codes!

  4. Amy H says

    It worked for me. YaY! I picked A Bug’s Life. It was the $3.95 for shipping and processing and $ .31 for tax for a grand total of $4.26. I believe it only allows for 1 free DVD per period.

  5. danielle w says

    yeah it only let me do the deal once. but we already had bugs life, so i got tinkerbell, which i have been wanting to buy anyway so i was thrilled! :)

  6. Annie says

    This worked me for. I had two movie codes that I had just been too lazy to enter in but I had a reason with this promotion. I got A Bug’s Life and will be giving it to my daughter for her birthday! Thanks for the great deal!

  7. Callie says

    We have a ton of magic codes, since we didn’t sign up. This was an offer we couldn’t refuse! Just ordered Tinkerbell! :)

  8. Rachel R. says

    Dang…I just bought A Bug’s Life thru B&N.com and thought I got a great deal at $13. Such a good movie! But, we don’t have that Tinkerbell movie so that will nice to have too.

  9. Amanda says

    I called up my mom to see if she had any Disney movies laying around & she found 2 codes for me! I didn’t have any unused codes & I knew she would never use hers. Just got my shipment notification email, Bug’s Life is on it’s way :)

  10. Ashley says

    This worked great for me! The bonus was the two movies I used were actually ones I got free by redeeming my rewards points in the past. :)

  11. Sophie says

    It didn’t work for me. I typed in four codes and nothing happened. What do I do to get a free DVD?

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