CVS Coupon: $3 off a $15 Purchase

Here is another CVS coupon available today. You can get a $3 off $15 CVS coupon via Facebook.

It looks like this one is for everyone and you just need to share a pharmacist story to get the coupon. The expiration should be 3/15 and you just get one time to use the coupon.

There are lots of great deals at CVS this week and this coupon CAN be used with manufacturer coupons for a better deal.

You can get a preview of the CVS ad for 2/19 here.

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  1. mia ghordlo says

    shared my story and got my coupon immediately in my inbox, although they say withing 24 hours, it was more like 24 seconds…couldn’t be happier

  2. maria says

    can i use 2 $3/$15 under one card? is there a limit to how many of this coupon i can get? thanks

  3. maria says

    i know that the coupon can only be used once, but if i have (2) coupons, can i use both? if my purchase is over $30

  4. Charlene says

    No you would need to do 2 transactions of $15 each. I guess I don’t understand how you would have (2) coupons. Was there a totally different $3 off coupon that was emailed to you or from the coupon scanner?

  5. maria says

    Earlier in the week, I recieved a coupon in my email, and then another is from their facebook page where you share a pharmacist story and they will email you one $3/$15

  6. Charlene says

    Ok gotcha, I was thinking you may have had 2 cards or something. I checked the new coupon policy because they made a few changes about a week ago and you can use both of those as long as you are over $30. You just want to give those coupons first.

  7. Charlene says

    NOTE: Reader Matriarka sent me an email stating her comments were not showing up on the blog and asked that I post the following comment on her behalf:

    “Just a comment about you:

    Very unprofessional Charlene. You deleted a visitor’s post (posted earlier than you Feb 18, 3:58 p.m. post) that contains referenced information that answered maria’s question but also contradicted an answer that you gave earlier. Then you posted an answer that just repeated the visitor’s original post (while making it look like you acquired your information all by yourself). I thought you were all for ethical behaviour. I guess I’m off to to other blogs where the authors actually practice what they preach.

    Going by your behaviour, I’m assuming you will delete this post as well. That’s ok. What matters is you’ve read it. Whether you stop to look and assess yourself is entirely up to you.

    This is a small thing but being a small thing that would cause someone to be not so truthful is quite interesting which is why I took the time to send you this email when your website wouldn’t let me post.”

  8. Charlene says

    My response:

    I don’t have any idea what precipitated that email nor do I delete any comments from readers. I only delete comments in very extreme situations where someone has used terrible language or said something very nasty about another reader. I have zero tolerance for that. With that being said, I can’t recall the last time that happened… maybe never. People contradict me all the time so that would not be cause for me to run through and delete things ;). The only thing I can see is something about the CVS coupon policy and that can be found right here on my blog:

    With information that I personally typed up.

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