Valentine’s Day Cards: 20 for $1.49 Shipped

I guess it is time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. I plan to send Valentine’s Day cards to most of our friends and family since I sort of dropped the ball this year on Christmas cards.

You can get a set of 20 custom cards for $1.49 and that includes shipping.  You can choose from a bunch of different styles and you might consider ordering soon so they are sure to arrive in plenty of time.

You need to order the 4×8 size cards only and these will come with little white envelopes.

This is a really cute idea I spotted on pinterest. I posted about this last year too- just have your child outstretch their hand and you can tape candy or suckers or those Pixy Stix straws to the card.  These are very cute to pass out in class.

To get this deal just head over to here and make sure to add (20) of the 4×8 cards to your cart.  Use coupon code: 25cards at checkout.

Now I have used this code myself in the past and it just worked again for me.  If you used the code over Christmas I would suggest testing it out before you spend a lot of time creating cards just to be sure it works for you.

(Photo Credit: Design Mom)

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