Tyson Any’tizers Rebate + Target Deal

There is a rebate available for $10 back in Sporting Cash when you purchase 4 bags of Tyson Any’tizers.  This is valid from 1/2-2/17 and you can purchase your bags at any retailer.  You need to send in the Tyson rebate form, UPCs off the bags, and the receipt.

You will not get cash back but rather “sporting goods cash” that is supposed to be used toward any sports related items at these participating retailers only.

According to Tyson, each retailer can determine what they accept the sporting goods cash for so it is supposed to be used for sports related items but the store you choose to shop at could possibly allow you to use it on other merchandise.

So all in all, I feel like this is a confusing rebate.  I have a very vague recollection of a rebate that was similar to this a long time ago.  I want to say some people had no problems at all redeeming the rebate and some people had a terrible time.

So I guess my thought is that this is a huge perk if you like these items and intend to purchase them anyway or you find a great deal.

I did find an unadvertised deal at my Target store.  This runs through 2/4 at my store but I can’t tell if this is nationwide or if this is just in my area.

If you are already planning a trip it is worth checking out.  I did not find this in the normal freezer cases but rather a special display area in the deli area.

The large bags of Any’tizers are priced at $7.99 and they are Buy Two Get One Free.

{Deal Idea #1}
Buy 4 Tyson Any’tizer Bags at $7.99 = $31.96
Use (3) $1/1 Tyson Any’tizer Snacks Coupon from the 1/22 SS insert
– $7.99 for the free bag
Pay $20.97 and get back $10 in sporting cash.

Even without factoring in the sporting cash that is $5.24 each which is not a bad deal for these.  I would use a 4th $1 coupon if you can.

{Deal Idea #2}
Buy 6 bags at $7.99= $47.94
Use (4) $1/1 Tyson coupons
– $15.98 for the 2 free bags
Pay $27.96 for all 6 or $4.66 each and get the $10 back.

I did notice Tyson strips were part of the deal so if you decide to get 6 bags only four of them need to be Any’tizers.  The other two can be other products in the promotion.  There is $1/1 Tyson Crispy Strips coupon available.


*Note: if you don’t find this promotion at your store it might still roll out on Sunday 29th.

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