Tiny Prints 50% off: $20 Voucher for $10

There is a great deal today for Tiny Prints! If you are not familiar with this company, they make the most adorable stationary products, labels, greeting cards etc…

My favorite item is the little stickers for gifts. We use these all the time to jazz up gifts from the kids. We are taking Valentine’s to school and to MOPS so I have been on the lookout for easy ideas and here is one of them.

You can get little celo bags and make these labels and then stuff the bags with whatever. For the label above the yellow banana candies would be darling or use any candy or small toys or you could even do something like Goldfish crackers.

The pack of 24 labels is priced around $7.00.  Shipping tends to be pretty reasonable at about $3.   I am not sure if you can stack the voucher with a coupon code, but if you can use coupon code: FREESHIP12 for free shipping.

The voucher is offered by Zulily today- you should see it on the homepage but if not just type in Tiny Prints to pull up the offer.

I have generic labels from the girls that we use year round and some from the family.  I might buy a gourmet cupcake from a bakery or something and stick a label on it and it is an easy gift for teachers or whatever.

One other note, you might have a look around Zulily.  They have the most adorable items and here are a few coupon codes that should be working if you find other items:

GA4152 for $5 off a $50 purchase
SHOPMOM802 for 10% off a $30 order
ZURETAIL358 for $5 off a $50 order


Head over to Zulily to buy your voucher and head over to Tiny Prints to see what you want to spend the voucher on.

(Thanks Saving with Shellie!)

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