Tide Laundry Soap Deals + Free Shipping

Here are two great deals on Tide and even better these are shipped to your doorstep.

If you have a lot of the $2/1 Tide coupons from the 1/1 P&G insert, you can probably get a better price on Tide shopping in drugstores.  This week CVS and Walgreens have Tide for $5.94- so $3.94 after coupon.  Be careful though because that is 19-32 loads so the 32 load variety is the one that is the good deal.

If you don’t have a bunch of those coupons or you prefer the convenience of having Tide shipped to your doorstep, here are two good deals:

Tide HE Original Scent 50oz Laundry Soap $15.08 for 2
Click the $2 off coupon in the center of the screen- log into your account if you don’t see
Click subscribe and save on the right side and the price drops to $12.82

Final Price at checkout is $10.82 or $5.41 each.

That is .10 per oz.

If you don’t need HE soap, this is another option:

Get (4) 100oz Tide Free and Gentle for $47.88
Click the $2 off coupon in the center of the screen (log into your account to see it)
and click subscribe and save on the right side and the price is $40.70

Your final price at checkout is $38.70

That is (4) 100 oz bottles so that works out to .09 per oz.  That is $9.67 per bottle which is actually cheaper than the stores have this size this week.


  1. Charlene says

    Heather it depends. If you check the note at the top of the post it says that you can buy Tide for 3.95 at the drugstores this week with coupon. Sometimes there are $10 off $30 deals and such if you like to roll rewards that makes the deal better but that does take planning and a lot of coupons and inventory at the drugstores to do your deal.

    That also depends on the variety they carry- the CVS ad this week says 19-32 loads. So the best case is 3.95/50 oz so $.079 per oz. Now that is probably not the HE kind and probably not the Free and Clear kind. If you get the smaller sizes 19 loads would be 40oz so the price after coupon is $.098 per oz.

    In my city, I will pay roughly $.50 per bottle in tax since my tax rate is based on the pre-coupon total. So really it doesn’t make a big difference in price for me to pay with coupons vs. Amazon. In the scenario above at $3.95- I would pay basically $4.50 per bottle after coupon which is .09/oz.

    For the 100oz- I believe both Target and Rite Aid have it at $12 this week. You would take $2 off with that 1/1 insert coupon= $10 or .10 per load. Now in my area, I would have $1 in tax on that so .11 per oz.

    I hope that makes sense :)

  2. Amanda Spencer says

    Please don’t take this the wrong way – merely a suggestion as opposed to criticism – but it might be better to give prices per load instead of per ounce. Just in case of any possible variations in how much is required for each load. There probably isn’t any variation between Tide products, but I don’t know.

    As an aside – it really is nice to not have to pay sales tax (nice for me, not for my state). Unfortunately for us Tennesseans, that’ll end in 2014 due to the new distribution centers recently built here.

  3. Charlene says

    Amanda, I don’t see that as a criticism and I will consider that. It is kind of a lot of work to break down all these prices and the oz seems like the simplest way to try and compare them fairly. If someone else has the ability to sit and go through all the prices per load I am sure that would be appreciated. That would also assume people follow the guidelines from the manufacturer and use exactly the correct load amount each time. ;).

  4. Becky says

    Funny I was just searching for laundry soap this AM! I noticed my Dominicks ad (Safeway) had the ALL 150oz size (2x) for 8.99 when you buy 2. Had to check twice becuase the wording is confusing, but I believe it’s correct. This would be $0.06 per oz

  5. says

    I personally always break down laundry detergent prices per oz. I do that because I never use the recommended amount – I always use much less!

    I shoot for $0.04-$0.05 per oz. for laundry detergent – so Tide is outta my price range. 😉 But, I’m not fussy about laundry detergents either.

  6. Charlene says

    Yeah Becky, that is listed here on the Safeway deals:


    The thing with Tide is that people are very, very brand loyal to it. So I usually don’t compare Tide to other brands because people that like Tide will only use Tide. If you aren’t brand loyal to Tide, you can for sure get better prices on Arm & Hammer, All, Purex etc…. That deal at Safeway is a good one!

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