Target Ad & Deals 1/15-1/22

Here are the best Target deals I see for the week. Be sure to check out Target’s coupon policy and the Target price matching policy. You can also see the entire list of current Target coupons available. You can also sign up for Target coupons on your cell phone . Don’t forget to read about the new 5% off discount with the Target RedCard.

Click below to see the complete list of Target deals…

*We should see a lot of new Target coupons on Sunday so stay tuned for updates!

This List Has Expired

You can also see the Shop for Free list for the week here.


  1. Melania says

    There is a 3.00 coupon in the PG insert for venus razors can we use that too on the razor deal. That would make is really good :)

  2. franki says

    I got my Target ad today and the free item with Lean Cuisine is Skinny Cow, so technically 2 skinny cow with 6 LC but I don’t think local Targets would be able to understand the concept and allow me to do both.
    I’m in San Jose CA

  3. Shannon G says

    @Debbie K~ Also, in a previous cat litter promotion, the Catalina machine was printing $1/1 A&H cat litter Target coupon. For those who have this coupon, it can be stacked w/ a MFG coupon.

    There is also a $2/1 A&H MFG coupon that is floating around. (I found a huge stack of them on a Walmart Store shelf several months back. SUPER LONG shelf life- over a year!) I have no idea where it came from. It was part of a little cat product coupon booklet. Also included were coupons for Temptations cat treats and Whiskas cat food.

  4. K Crew says

    I am not new to couponing, but for some reason am confused on the Lean Cuisine deal. How can you use the Buy 6 Lean Cuisine and get a free Skinny Cow ice cream coupon AND use $1/5 Lean Cuisine Varieties? Does the Buy 6 one only attach to one LC and the $1/5 attaches to the other 5? Both are manufacturer coupons, that is why I am confused. I have five different .55/1 coupons my mother in law got from the vendor, would I be able to use those instead of the $1/5?

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