Swagbucks: 3 Bucks


You can earn 3 free Swagbucks in about 30 seconds. I am not sure how long this is running but when I logged into Swagbucks this morning I noticed this pop up on the lower right side.

If you watch a 30 second preview of the new TV series Smash you will get 3 bucks. I just played the preview and you can keep the volume off. Once it is over, just click continue and then you can either like it on Facebook or click Skip this Step on the lower left side.

Your 3 bucks should be instant!

You might try logging in at Swagbucks and see if you get that same pop up message. Click it to see the video!

If you are new to Swagbucks, read all about the program here. This is a very simple and totally free way to earn free gift cards to places like Starbucks, CVS and Amazon!


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