iPhone USB Cord .58 Shipped


If you have an iPhone, this might be a handy little thing to grab. You can get a USB cord to sync your phone right now for $.58 plus shipping is free.

This will also work for an iPod.

There are some complaints from people saying this didn’t work with their electronic device but a ton of people that said it did work.  There are over 1500 reviews and it looks overall the reviews are very good.

For $.58 it might be worth a shot.  This is not made by Apple.


  1. Charlene says

    Christy, I would just be careful with it. I am sure it will be fine but don’t leave your house for a week and leave the phone plugged in or anything ;).

  2. Jaynee says

    Be careful. I ordered this on December 13th and still have not gotten mine and have been not provided any shipping info. The seller also has not responded to my messages. I’m filing a claim now.

  3. Lisa P says

    Wow! I ordered 3 … always nice to have a back-up … and you can’t beat the price. (Good point about not leaving the house w/something charging.) :-)

  4. Charlene says

    Jaynee, I imagine these come from overseas so that amount of time is not unreasonable, especially with holiday shipping delays. I would probably expect a 4 week wait.

  5. Lonnie says

    I’ve ordered these in the past…they do take a while to receive and they arent made by apple but they work fine…the only problem is that they wear out fast if you use your phone while plugged in and have a bend in the cord…if you let it bend in the same place all the time it will start to pull apart…i play scrabble in bed with my phone plugged in and if I dont pay attention and the cord stays bent i wear through them pretty fast…but at 60 cents, as much as i go through them still comes out cheaper to what I paid for the one I got at the apple store which if I remember correctly was about 18 bucks…..

  6. Lisa says

    I ordered one in dec too and got mine last week and it doesn’t work. However I emailed them and they are supposed to be refunding my money and they were quick to respond

  7. Janey says

    Like Charlene said, be careful when purchasing these. While this one says it’s both a sync and charge cable, oftentimes they are not. The last 2 times I bought cheap cables that were advertised as charging, they weren’t. They’d sync just fine but charging was a no-go.

    I have a local electronics store that I get the cables for about $2-3 that while they don’t last forever (I too have the bent cable splitting problem but I use the heck out of mine!), they serve their purpose. I wish they still carried the ones that had the “reinforcement” where the cable meets the part you push into the phone.

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