Armour Pepperoni Coupon $1/2

There is a new Armour Pepperoni coupon available right now. I don’t see Pepperoni coupons that often and usually they are pretty low in value so this is a good one.

I very rarely buy pepperoni but I seem to recall Armour being pretty reasonably priced.  That link will take you straight to the coupon so if you don’t see it that means it is already gone.

Here are two ideas to use your pepperoni:

One Charming Party

I have little girls so this Valentine’s pizza is something they would love.

Or this is a recipe that my husband loves- Chicken and Pepperoni with Marinara Sauce.  I am actually making that for dinner tonight with a simple green salad.



  1. Tiffany T says

    Oh Charlene, I love you! I desperately need new recipes and this looks delicious. Plus it’s from Cooking Light … we’re making this soon. Thanks!

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