Yoyo.com: $10 off $10 Order

There is a new coupon code available for Yoyo.com.

You can take $10 off a $10 order right now with coupon code: YOYODEC. That will only work one time and your shipping is $4.99 unless you spend $49 in total.  This may not work if you have never ordered from Yoyo before.

So you can get a smaller item- I tested a $12 Leapfrog game and the price was $7 shipped.

Or the other option is to add something small to your cart from Soap.com (upper left corner) and you will get free shipping on a $39 order. They also have a partner site for pet items Wag.com or you can also combine this order with items from Diapers.com.

Here are some other coupon codes you can try and see if they work. I can not test these myself since I don’t have a new account so they may or may not work:

  • Wag.com: WAG10BUCKS for $10 off your first order
  • Soap.com: SOAPAFF for 15% off your first order
  • Diapers.com: DIAPERS20PCT
  • Diapers.com: GR8DEALA for $10 off $49 for first order

If you are in need of diapers you might try those diapers.com codes and see what happens, it could work out to be a very good deal.

The shipping requirement is before codes have been applied.  Head over to Yoyo.com to have a look.


  1. jeanette s. says

    i have never been a customer of yo-yo and when i tried the $10 off of $10, it said that it was only for existing customers only. . .good news for people who alread have accounts!!

  2. Charlene says

    LOL- Ok I will update and then we will wait for the comments from people that are existing and say it is only for new accounts 😉

  3. Charlene says

    Ok I surrender! The post was updated and I must have read the code terms wrong. An account at another one of their companies is not the same thing as ordering from Yo yo before though. Hopefully everyone can use it.

  4. Rachel R. says

    I get the error that it’s for existing customers only and even though I have an account with Diapers.com, it won’t allow me to use it. Have never ordered on yoyo.com.

  5. missy says

    When I tried it it said I had already used it, I know I haven’t. Also said that WAG10BUCKS is either expired or not valid. I had added an item from wags to increase the total to $49 for free shipping. Didn’t work so I just cancelled the order.

  6. Tiffany T says

    Bummer … never used YoYo before so what I was thinking of doing won’t work I guess! I was hoping to cash in some Pampers Gift to Grow points, ‘buy’ $20 worth of diapers, get $10 on YoYo and buy $10 worth of stuff on Wags to get free shipping …. oh well! Haven’t tried, but might not even be able to stack all the $10 promo codes anyway. Anyone tried doing that yet ($10 from Wags, $10 from YoYo, etc in the same transaction)?

  7. says

    got the same error
    “code only good for exsisting customers.” Yay for exsisting customers. boo for me being new.

  8. Charlene says

    Ok well the post has been updated so there shouldn’t be any further confusion. I did test this and the code did work for me and I have not ordered from them before. So again, my apologies for the confusion but you will see the post is corrected so hopefully everyone is on the same page.

  9. Teena says

    I emailed customer service last night as the message I received is that I had used the code before. They responded very promptly and said the code was only for soap.com customers who’d placed an order before. (I had ordered from yoyo.com before, btw). Hope that helps!

  10. Lauren C. says

    Wanted to mention that you need to be sure you are logged in for this code to work. I thought it wasn’t working for me, but once I realized I wasn’t logged in and entered my info the $10 credit was applied!

  11. Charlene says

    Missy- I just got this new code today: 15% Off Your First Order at Wag.com! Code: WAG15.

    Maybe that is what it was Teena but I can’t find the email now. I got it yesterday and I am averaging 600-700 emails per day right now so it seems to be eaten by my inbox.

  12. Natalie says

    I have ordered from soap.com but still got a message saying that I couldn’t use 2 new customer discount codes. I had used a new customer discount code before, but not on this order – but seems so odd that they won’t let new customers use this but then told me I couldn’t because it was a new customer discount :) I guess the intent of it is that if you have ordered from soap.com they want you to try yoyo – but only if you have never ordered from yoyo.com before…not sure.

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