Wag.com Coupon Code: 50% off (Pet Products)


There is a new Coupon Code available for Wag.com right now. I have mentioned them before- it is part of Diapers.com and they carry tons of pet products.

You can take 50% off any one item with coupon code: MYPOINTS50. The shipping is free on a $49 order OR add one item to your cart from Soap.com (lip balm, cough drops, travel size items etc..) and get free shipping on a $39 order.

I grabbed a 40lb bag of Iams Weight Control dog food for my little chubby guy for $54. The code worked perfect for me and the final price was $28.99! The other varieties of dog food are cheaper but we have a tiny weight issue around here.

To have 40lbs of dog food shipped to my door for cheaper than I can get it with coupons is a great deal for me!  Head over to Wag.com to have a look.

Now sometimes these codes are wonky and only work for customers that ordered before.  You can try it and see what happens- hopefully everyone has good luck.

PS:  I forgot to mention the max value is $25!



  1. lily says

    I am a first time wag/soap purchaser and so if you spend more than $25 through soap.com I would get free 2 day shipping.

  2. Stephanie says

    Charlene! You are my hero! Lol. We have 2 boxers and go through an almost $60 bag of dog food a month! Love that you always post these Wag deals. We are stocking up right now everytime they have a coupon code I can use I’m taking advantage of it. Plus with me being pregnant I can’t lug a huge bag of food from PetsMart and love the fast free delivery and no sales tax (at least for now). :-) Thank you!!!

  3. Charlene says

    I love them too! Like I need to carry around an extra 40 lbs on my shopping trips 😛

  4. Rachel Gill says

    Yes I received an email from them today. Thinking I’ll buy the pooches a new doggie bed for Christmas. It’s really a present for my Hubs (huge animal lover) since his face lights up more than the kids when I buy the pets new collars, leases, bowls, etc. for their stocking. We’re dog dorks. Guilty.

  5. Mary says

    Thank you so much! I’ve never ordered from them before, but I try to buy my adorable rescue dog high-quality food, which as we all know can be expensive. I got her Natural Balance–and for 28 pounds at $26.99 delivered, I’m very happy.

  6. Jennifer says

    Charlene! This deal is awesome! Our dog eats better then we do!! His food is so pricey!! Do you know how long this deal is going on for? Payday is tomorrow!!

  7. Dee says

    FYI – Costco has their own Kirkland brand of natural dog food, which also comes in “weight control” for $24 for 40-lb bag all the time. It is one of the best bargains at Costco. Though, you do have to lug it.

  8. Charlene says

    Dee I know what you are talking about. We used to have a membership just for the dog food actually :). I cancelled it though because it just took too long between the parking lot and the lines and my store was so crowded. I couldn’t justify the time anymore. If you do like to shop at Costco the dog food is a great price.

  9. Leigh says

    Thank you Charlene! I was searching for an outdoor kitty house to keep a stray kitty warm. I found three of the same house at three different prices, $83, $61, and $51. I selected the $51 house, which took me to Wag.com. They asked for a coupon code at checkout, so I searched for a code, which brought me to this site. I entered the code and saved an additional $25. So, based on the original price of $83, I actually saved about $57. Yeah. I will never shop again without searching for a coupon code.

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