Starbucks Holiday Clearance Sale 50% off

Starbucks has a clearance sale running online right now for up to 50% off select merchandise. This is mostly cups, apparel and little toys- not coffee.

Probably the best deal is the cold cups which are priced at $6.99-9.99. These have an overlapping promotion right now and they are also Buy One Get One Free.

So you can get (2) of the cold cups for as little as $6.99 and shipping is $3.00.

If you have never ordered from before, use coupon code: STNPWEKD for 10% off.

So I tested this and the final total for (2) cold cups shipped was $9.72. You just want to start the checkout process and your shipping will initially be $10.00. Once you get to the next screen that allows you to start entering your shipping info, you should see an option to change to standard shipping and that drops the price to $3.00.


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