1. Holly Hoffman says

    Hi! Just wondering…is there a promo code to? During check out it offers a “redeem a promo” button. Thank you for this! My 3 men will appreciate this!

  2. Charlene says

    Holly, you can grab anything from Target and it will have that link available. It is not specific to this product.

  3. Holly Hoffman says

    Thanks! I was hoping there might be something else… Great find & great price! Going to order one or 2 now.

  4. Holly Hoffman says

    Okay, last comment! I ordered it and used my free $10 gift card from the buy $75 & get free $10 gift card to pay and with the rebate it will be free. Thank you!

  5. kate says

    so i just noticed my post says 12:25 am, but that’s an hour ahead of the time i have here at my home so that’s probably why i didn’t see the deal. too bad.

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