Ebates: Free $10 Gift Card to New Accounts

Ebates is running a promotion again. New accounts get choose from (4) different $10 gift cards to Home Depot, Target, Barnes & Noble or Magazines.com or you can get $5 in cash instead.

You just need to register and decide which card you prefer.
Once you make a $25 purchase online, you qualify to get the gift card and it will be sent to you.

You just need to register for Ebates and once you are ready to shop- at pretty much any online store- like Oldnavy.com, Target.com, Walmart.com etc… Start by logging into your Ebates account. Type the name of the store into the search bar and click to shop now. You shop as usual and Ebates will offer you a certain percent back on your purchase.

You get 1%-30% back just depending on the day and on the store you pick. If you spend $25 in total on an order, you will get that $10 back!

So no strings attached- it just requires one extra step before you shop.


  1. Court says

    I just signed up. I bought my moisturizer at Bliss.com through ebates. So I’ll get the $10 gift card, 4% cash back and bliss.com is having a holiday deal if you spend a certain amount, so I’m getting 3 samples, a holiday goodie bag and free shipping. Awesome considering this is for a product I would have had to buy anyway!

  2. Jamie says

    I do all my back to school shoping at walmart and i do alot of shoping there

  3. Charlene says


    It says very clearly in the post that you need to spend $25. Your comments and your tone are completely unwarranted because the post is very clear about what the promotion requirements are. Did you read it?

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