Starbucks $5 Gift Card Offer

If you love Starbucks coffee, you are in for a real treat!  Because right now when you buy 3 packages of select Starbucks coffee or Starbucks VIA Ready Brew, you can submit your receipt and UPCs to receive a $5 Starbucks gift card!

Here’s a list of the qualifying items:

  • 10, 11, 12, or 20 oz ground or whole bean Starbucks coffee
  • 6, 7, or 8 count Starbucks VIA Ready Brew
  • Or any combination of the above listed products
  • Excludes: Starbucks VIA Ready Brew 3-pack and Starbucks K-cup portion packs

Need a deal idea?  Target and Safeway both have Starbucks on sale for $7.99 this week.

Buy (3) Starbucks coffee at $7.99
Pay $23.97 and submit for $5 Starbucks gift card
Final Price: $18.97 or $6.32 each

Purchases must be made before 12/31 in one transaction.  You need to submit your receipt, UPCs and redemption form before 1/31/11.  And the offer is not valid in Starbucks stores and I am thinking kiosks inside stores might not count either.

(Thanks, Shelly)



  1. beth says

    If you are member of Barnes and Noble you may receive a coupon in the mail for buy 2 get one free starbucks bag coffee!!! and the Starbucks inside Barnes and NOble isn’t a “real” STarbucks so they tell me so you could still get the rebate!!!!!

  2. Elizabeth says

    Also, if you bring in your empty package to a Starbucks when you’re done, you get a free regular coffee, which is worth about $2. : )
    Oh, and if you register your gift card and keep reloading it, you can get a free birthday drink (ANY drink, any size – at least that’s what I got this year!) and earn stars for other perks (like free flavoring and refills on regular coffee).

  3. Endcapps says

    I’m ready to submit my Redemption for the Starbucks $5 GC. There are 2 options: Mail-in or Digital. Has anyone successfully submitted the Digital Starbucks Redemption? (I’m getting error messages)

  4. Michelle L.-R. says

    I’ve received nothing but error messages on the Digital Starbucks Redemption form too. I read the fine print to find out what size picture they required. I decided to compress my pictures further (to Document size if using MS Office Picture Manager) and then resubmit them. It finally worked.

  5. Endcapps says

    Michelle L.-R. — Thanks for the tip on compressing the picture before sending to Starbucks. I’ll try that.

  6. Nicole says

    This may be a dumb question but do I actually have to cut off the UPC’s from the coffee and send those with the form and receipt?

  7. Endcapps says

    Nicole, you don’t have to cut the UPCs from the coffee bags if you select Digital Redemption Option. I snapped a photo of my 3 UPCs (there’s an example of how to line up your bags). And as per Michelle’s tip I compressed my image before submitting digitally. It worked, thanks, Michelle.
    I didn’t want to cut open my coffee bags, just like you (to preserve the freshness). Hope that helps.

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