Sprouts Deals 11/9-11/16

These deals might vary according to region- so be sure to check your local ad.

Here are some highlights from the ad this week.  One nice thing is that the ad runs one extra day- so every Wednesday at Sprouts there is an overlapping ad!  You can shop for 2 weeks of deals in one day.

You can see the matchups that run through 11/9 here and the matchups for 11/9-11/16 are listed below.

**Two notes: My ad this week had another $5 off $30 coupon on the front so check your ad!  These are usually not available in stores, just the ones that come to your home.

The second is to please check your ad because there is an amazing deal but it is 11/9 only.  You can buy a $100 Sprouts gift card for $89.99!!  I think that is a great deal since how often do we see discounted gift cards anywhere really?  This was listed right on the front page of my ad. 

This List Has Expired

Any other good deals I missed?  They should still be releasing Sprouts coupons for a few more days.


  1. Diane says

    We don’t get the Sprouts ad anymore over here in Citrus Heights. Instead we get 2 Sunflower ads. One Monday and one Tuesday. When do you get your Sprouts ad?

  2. Tiffany T says

    I’d imagine Citrus Heights will start to get the ad soon, because ours will open around the beginning of the year! Yeah! I bet the owner of that building was pretty nervous yesterday when the Tuesday Morning/Hoss Lee Academy went up in flames next door …

  3. Debbie K. says

    We get the Sprouts ad in the Newspaper in Sacramento! It’s great! This week’s ad came with another $5 off $30 purchase.

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