Raley’s and Bel Air Coupon Deals 11/16-11/24

Here are the best deals I see at Raley’s this week.  You can also see the Raley’s coupon policy here, you can also get information on how Raley’s coupons work.

**This week you can text SAVE to 678678 and get a $10 off coupon for a $100 purchase.

This List Has Expired

Any other great deals I missed?


  1. Julie says

    Eagle brand condensed milk .50 off raleys coupon, don’t we have another coupon for that?

  2. Charlene says

    ulie- you can check the coupon database on the right side of the blog for any coupons!

  3. Voahangy says

    How does savingstar.com work with Raley’s? I don’t recall seeing a loyalty card at my Nob Hill/Raley’s. Can you let me know?


  4. Mama Bryan says

    There is another one! I found my $.55 qp in RP 11/6. Hope they have it at a decent price to begin with!

  5. Charlene says

    Voahangy- just click that link at the top of the post that refers to the coupon policy. You can get all the information you need about Raley’s there.

  6. AJ says

    The dean’s dip saving star expires today and is sold out.

    Also Nugget Market has the dean’s dip 2 for $3.

    I’m getting an error on the $1/1 King’s Hawaiian Dinner Rolls printable

    Can you fix that?

  7. mom2five says

    Hey Charlene, keep checking your mailbox…I got an awesome postcard/flyer from Raley’s that has 4 coupons you cut out. $10 off $50 for 4 different weeks. Mine says good only at the Raley’s in Fairfield, so maybe this is regional, but I can’t imagine it would only be our store. Can’t wait to use these since I was a few dollars short of the $10 catalina last week! Thanks so much for your hard work. I REALLY appreciate it :)

  8. Chalette S. says

    Raley’s has lowered the prices of the frozen turkeys by $1, for both sizes. They were ringing up $7.99 and $9.99.

  9. Michelle L.-R. says

    I had to submit a posting on my FB wall asking anyone with a child in school if the school issues Quality of Life cards for use at Raley’s/Bel Air/Nob Hill. Luckily my cousin, who’s as frugal as I am, knew exactly what I was talking about! Her daughter’s charter school in Loomis has them and she picked me up one that same day. Seems you just need to hunt around to find the school or organization that utilizes them and ask for one. I seem to recall that my store once had a banner at the front showing the area schools and how much each one earned in donations. I never knew it was from use of the cards. I should mentioned that I tried to apply via a PBS applicationand after a few months, I never received one. I only received their program schedule in the mail.

  10. franki says

    The olive oil was an adventure for me today
    Sign 6.99, empty shelf
    next to it is smaller bottle also 6.99

    the size is in ML, which I don’t speak

    turns out the smaller bottle is the right one
    & 16oz is there in tiny writing
    473ML is easier to read

  11. shelly says

    Was the Sara Lee Pie deal regional because when I log-in to e-coupons mine reads….Buy Two Sara Lee Frozen Pie or Cake7 oz. to 46 oz., Get One Raley’s Whipped Topping 8 oz. free with coupon

  12. Charlene says

    Shelly that deal was in the ad that I saw and was not a coupon. I think there was a coupon and I don’t know if that would overlap with the offer or not- they might not be the exact same items- I have not had time to check.

  13. shelly says

    Maybe I’ll run out later to check it out. I realized I threw out my ad before I had a chance to look at it.

  14. Endcapps says

    shelly, you have a good point. I’m in No CA and I see the eQ you mentioned (B2 Get free Whipped Topping) AND my paper ad shows what Charlene posted (B2 Get free Ice Cream). I wonder if it overlaps? I did some research at the Sara Lee site & they have TWO different types of frozen pies: (1) Signature Selections and (2) Oven Fresh. The Oven Fresh variety definitely goes w/the free Ice Cream promo. However, for the free Whipped Topping eQ, I can’t see clearly on the eQ if it’s the Oven Fresh or the Signature Selections. Here’s the link to the Sara Lee pie pictures: http://saraleedesserts.com/products/pies/seasonal-pies/
    Would be great if the offers do indeed overlap, lol

  15. Endcapps says

    shelly, I magnified that eQ for Sara Lee Pie & the word “Oven” is on the picture of the pie box in the coupon, but the tub of whipped topping is sitting right in front obstructing the rest. But my guess is it is indeed “Oven Fresh” , so maybe there are indeed two overlapping deals B2 Oven Fresh, get a free whipped topping, and a free ice cream. Only way to know for sure is to go in.

  16. shelly says

    Yes they are overlapping. I just saw it also on the news today…and Charlene…myfrugaladventures.com was mentioned quite a few times on CW31 Good Day Sacramento :)

  17. Charlene says

    On today? I thought it would be when I saw that coupon but I was too tired to bother with it on Wed 😛 My Raley’s ad didn’t come in the mail so I was up till all hours and then had the ecoupons after that to do.

  18. Endcapps says

    I bought 2 Tribe Hummus and rec’d a Cat coupon for $2 off 4 Tribe Hummus. So I can go back and get more hummus for only $1.
    I did the King’s Hawaiian Rolls deal–worked out to be $3.98 for three packages (36 rolls)…single package alone is $2.99 (12 rolls). I got 2 Sara Lee pies, the free ice cream automatically deducted, the free whipped topping needed to be manually deducted.

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