Harry Potter Complete DVD Collection $49 Shipped

Oh boy! I know a lot of you will be excited about this! The complete Harry Potter box set will be released on 11/11. Now that happens to be right around the corner in case you haven’t noticed somehow November is already upon us.

So you can preorder the set right now and here is the deal with preordering. If the price drops before the movies ship, you get the best price they offer. If you find that retail stores are a better deal, you can cancel your order.

You can lock in the prices below now and then decide what you want to do as the release date gets closer.

That is 8 disks in total so all the movies are included.
If you don’t want this complete set, the movies are great prices on Amazon right now.  Get DVDs for as low as $5.99 each!


  1. Breanne says

    One of the comments on Amazon suggested buying it from amazon.co.uk. I found the region-free set of blurays for a total of 30£ – approximately $49. Has anyone ever bought from there before? What’s the big difference?

  2. Rachael M. says

    I could be wrong Breanne, but in the UK I believe the names of some of the movies can be different. For example, in the US they called the movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone”. In the UK though, it’s named “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone”

    I could be wrong and there might be other things too but I just figured out that they are named differently in the UK and in the USA.

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